love and sexual energy

Love and sexual energy are deeply connected in ways that many of us are not aware


The ancient Greeks, who were highly sophisticated, had six different words for love, each with a slightly different meaning:


or sexual passion – this was not thought of as necessarily positive, the way we do today. Eros was viewed as dangerous, fiery and irrational, as it could take hold of you and possess you. It involved a loss of control.


or deep friendship, which was valued far more than Eros or basic sexuality.


or playful love was the affection and type of flirtation seen between young lovers, or at the beginning of a relationship.


or love for everyone. This is selfless love – an ideal sought in religious traditions.


is the mature longstanding love which includes deep understanding and develops between long-married couples.


is love of the Self. The Greeks were a very advanced culture and knew that there are two types of self love. One is narcissistic and childish, and the other requires deeper self knowledge – in other words, we can only love others to the extent that we really know and love ourselves.

According to Omraam Aivanhov, a mystic, who lived in Bulgaria from 1900-1986:

“Everything is a question of love; apart from love, there is only emptiness, nothingness. Mystics say they are seeking God, but actually what they call God is simply the part of themselves that is missing.”

“Love is impossible to define or explain. It is a power, a principle, an emotion, a feeling, a powerful force, inspiration, understanding… But for love to be effective, you must understand what is is.”

How does all this relate to sexual energy?

The majority of men experience sexual energy as a kind of tension or itch which they feel they must relieve as soon as possible. So they do this without realising that they are also losing something extremely valuable – an essential essence which they could have used to regenerate their entire being.

The truth is that the sexual energy of human beings is a great gift, a divine force which can instead be pumped up all the way to the brain through the channels which nature has designed especially for this purpose. It is a gift from God and we need to learn how to use it.

Relationships, love and sexual energy are all connected and they are issues which humanity continues to struggle to fully understand. We need a new spiritual understanding. We need to learn to approach our partner as a reflection of the divine principle and learn how to use the sexual force to light the inner fire within us.

Repression and promiscuity are both undesirable and create problems, but sublimation of sexual energy is entirely different and can bring heaven on earth.

In today’s world, sexual energy is mainly experienced at a physical level. Most people dont understand the power of sublimation and so their energy gets dispersed.

Love and sexual energy are connected at the spiritual level, so any sexual activity should begin by connecting first with the light within, and with total awareness. Within each of us is a light, awake, encoded in the fibers of our existence. The experience of this in our heart is divine ecstasy.

In popular thinking, tantric techniques are a form of ‘edging’ or holding back the orgasm. Of course, that is a part of it. But it is not the entire picture.

If we really want to fulfill our true potential, we need to go beyond techniques. We need to look far more deeply within ourself. It can also be helpful to study the teachings of the great spiritual masters who all say the same thing and urge us to discover the love or energy which lies hidden deep within us all.

David Deida is a modern teacher who has become very popular

because he has been able to explain these principles in a modern, perhaps more easily understandable way. He has written a book entitled: ‘Finding God Through Sex’

” When it comes to sex, most of us want more. The question is more of what? When the depth of intimacy you have been experiencing is no longer fulfilling to your heart and body – when you sense that sexuality should go far beyond an embrace of of brief satisfaction – the time has come to explore your unique sexual path to the divine.”

Other works quoted in this article are:
Complete works on love and sexuality vol 1 and vol 2 by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
True Alchemy or the Quest for Perfection by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov – chapter 13 the sublimation of sexual energy.

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