xmas at tantric massage london


Xmas at Tantric Massage London in Kensington


The month of December has already begun, so the Xmas season is upon us .


Many of you will be going away on holiday and we may not see you again until the New Year begins.


However for those of you who will be remaining in London, we hope that you will be able to visit us in a more leisurely way than usual during this Xmas period.


We will be preparing our Xmas Chai Latte Special and hope that you will be able to sit in the waiting room for a few moments, either before or after your massage,  and enjoy a cup of chai.  Our chai latte special  is made with spices, herbal tea and honey – so there is no black tea or sugar in it – for those of you who are concerned about health.


We will also be burning candles with Xmas flavours of Orange and Spice, to add to the festive mood in a sensual way.


We will be open on Friday December 22, and then closed for Xmas Day , Boxing Day and January 1.  But we will be open on all the other days as usual.


Hopefully, you will not be rushing in and out as many of you do during your normal working week – or in a hurry to complete your Xmas shopping.

We hope that you will be under less pressure, and have the time to enjoy a cup of frothy chai and maybe a chat with us over Xmas at Tantric Massage London.


We look forward to seeing you during this period.


xmas at tantric massage london


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