I enjoyed reading this article on why men stray

partly because of the underlying humour, and partly also because it highlights some of the paradoxes that we all face in our lives.

Here are some snippets from the article:

‘Every man faces the battle between the urge for monogamy and promiscuity…’

‘The wish to be free and the  wish to belong…. the difficult bit has always been balancing the yearning for an impressive sexual CV and the longing for a wife, family and home….’

‘Some men stay early… some men stray late…. And men spend a lifetime trying to negotiate a peace settlement between these most basic of instincts…’

‘Some men stray for a bit and then they settle down. That is what many women find difficult to accept … sometimes a man strays not because he is a heartless fornicating bastard, but simply because he hasnt yet met the right girl…’

The author then gives examples of 3 well-known men:

– Tiger Woods:  ‘ I thought I could get away with everything I wanted to…. I felt I had worked hard and deserved to enjoy all the temptations around me…’

– Paul Newman: ‘You dont go out for hamburger when you have steak at home.’

Warren Beatty : ‘Look at Warren Beatty. Warren is not going out on the pull tonight. Because once you have had enough sex, the staying is better than the straying.’

The author comes to several conclusions…. he says : ‘ Men go out for a Big Mac when they have prime fillet waiting at home, they go out for fishfingers when sushi is in the fridge…….. we could save ourselves – and our girlfriends and our wives so much trouble if we could have a period of wanton straying, followed by decades of blissful staying….  if you are wise, if you are lucky – you get to that Paul Newman moment when you say ” you know what ? I am really sick of bloody fishfingers.”…. but to get to that Paul Newman Valhalla – you need to have had your fill of hamburgers. There can be no staying without the straying ………

The tragedy is that sometimes men get it all the wrong way round. They do their staying. And then they really get stuck into their straying…..

The staying should never be second best, the staying should matter more than the straying… the staying is what the straying should lead to…… however it doesnt work that way. Our twin basic instincts must forever live together in uneasy peace, punctuated by periods of bloody conflict. The need to stray and the need to stay – This is the Middle East of the male soul.’

Look out for our response to Tony Parsons….during  the next few weeks, we will be writing some articles on sex therapy and the Tantric Tuition and Tantric Healing sessions we offer here  at Tantric Massage London,  which hopefully deal with some of these issues….

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