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Recently, I have been receiving at least two or three calls and emails each day from potential tantric masseuses. In the Employment section of this website, I ask  all applicants to send me a cv and a photo, but often they dont bother. Then when I ask them about their training and experience, the answer often is ‘ Well all my friends tell me how good I am’  – and so I discover that they have no massage training  whatsoever, and no experience, but they expect to get a job anyway…. and a very well-paid job at that. When they do send a cv and a photo, and I ask them to come over for an interview, many of them dont look anything like their photograph, and in the majority of cases, their massage skills are really poor. I remember when I started practicing tantric massage in London in the 1990’s, there were only 5 of so of us offering sensual/tantric massage in the whole of London.  We all knew one another, and we were all qualified, at least to ITEC level. I dont think anyone in those days would have dreamed of advertising themselves as a masseuse if they didnt have some basic training. But today is the age of the X factor and it is cool to  think positive and believe that you can do anything and earn piles of money, based on the fact that maybe you think , for some reason, that you deserve it ! Today is also the age of the internet, and many budding entrepreneurs have realised that if they create a website, which is fairly easy to do,  publish the photo of a pretty girl with a semi-naked sexy body, and claim that she is a tantric masseuse, you can charge £250 for her to come to a potential client’s hotel room and give him a so-called tantric massage. And if you can show 6 or 7 photos of different semi-naked masseuses on your website,  this will attract even more clients. It doesnt seem to matter that the girls dont look anything like their photos,  or that they get just one day’s training in massage from the owner of the website, or that they dont really have a clue what tantra or tantric massage is all about. The internet can create a web of illusion – and just as it requires hours of research nowadays before buying a new washing machine or a new phone, it should also take several hours or more hours of research to find your ideal tantric masseuse. Just because there is so much mediocrity around does not mean that there aren’t some  real gems out there. But you do need to ask the right questions……. if you are in any doubt, I will be happy to discuss this with you…. !

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  1. arun

    so true eva………..well not many tantric clients are interested in true tantra either. They just want some change from their routine. Its surprising yes you are right there are gems there and you have to critically evaluate but also some times u do find true tantra in places you least expect to find.

    But Your place is an oasis ……..a place of sublimity……keep up the good work and my best wishes.



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