What is LOVE? – a popular question


The great mystics talk about Love – and the true meaning of Love on a Universal level:

‘Taking Love out of the personal sphere of relationship and acknowledging how it is part of creation of a fundamental, cellular level… reclaiming the cellular nature of love, the love that belongs to creation, the energy of life which is love. ….


We have isolated ourselves from the real energy of life, so that life no longer nourishes us. There is a separation of spirit and matter…


The secret of love is I am he who I love and he whom I love is me….. you are divine, you are an ocean of love. There is a secret within us…. call it beauty, peace, compassion, the divine centre of your self… we remember the taste of the inner elixir and we make a relationship with it….


We think we are searching for something, but that love is within ourself, and it is searching for you.


The secret is that the essence of everything is love…. if you can be present with it, if you can taste it…. This is all latent within us, waiting to be woken up…. but most people dont leave any space for love.


What is this bliss, this sweet intoxication known to lovers of God? What is this bewildering state of the heart in which the mind is dissolved and the soul is awakened ?


Rumi, a  13th Century Sufi teacher, and one of the world’s greatest poets of mystical love, knew of these mysteries of the heart. His verses tell the stories of the soul’s love affair with God, whom the Sufis call the Beloved, the love affair that leads from the pain and anguish of longing until we are reunited with our divine nature. This is the great mystical journey that draws us from ourselves back to our Beloved until


“The Beloved has permeated every cell of my body

Of myself there remains only a name, everything else is Him.”


Beneath all the words is the cry of the heart, the primal cry of the soul separate from God…. and from this longing the lover is turned away from himself back to God, back to the Source. This is the great mystery of Love, the way in which our heart is awakened to its divine nature. Love burns away the impurities that cover our heart and soul, until gradually we begin to taste the truth of who we really are: not a separate self or dysfunctional ego, but part of a cosmic dance in which every cell praises and glorifies God.’                                          Llewellyn Vaughan Lee, a Sufi teacher and author



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