General tantric massage:


Tantric massage is a form of erotic massage that focuses on spiritual exploration and awakening. The actual practice of tantra and its ‘true’ meaning originated in ancient India. Neo-tantric and more sexualised practices become popular in the west during the 1970s and evolved from places such as the alternative ‘hippy’ communities in California.

The practice involves the use of breathing techniques, meditation, and physical touch to stimulate and awaken the body’s senses, leading to a heightened state of arousal, relaxation and awareness.

In a typical tantric massage session, you can expect some or all of the following:

  1. Setting the mood: The room will be warm, quiet, and dimly lit with candles or soft lighting to create a soothing and comfortable atmosphere. Soft, relaxing music may be played to help you relax.
  2. Discussion: The practitioner will discuss your goals and expectations for the session, as well as any health concerns or limitations you may have. They will also explain the techniques and any rituals involved in the session.
  3. Breathing and meditation: You may be asked to engage in some breathing exercises and meditation to help you relax and focus your mind.
  4. Massage: The practitioner will use a variety of massage techniques, including long, sweeping strokes, circular movements, and gentle pressure on various parts of your body. They may use warm oils or lotions to help lubricate the skin and enhance the sensory experience.
  5. Sensual touch: Tantric massage involves sensual touch, but it is not necessarily sexual. The practitioner will touch and stimulate various parts of your body, including erogenous zones, to awaken your senses and help you reach a state of deep relaxation.
  6. Energy work: The practitioner may also use energy work techniques to help you release any physical or emotional blockages and improve the flow of energy throughout your body.
  7. Closing the session: The session will end with a period of relaxation and reflection, during which you can rest and integrate the experience. The practitioner may also offer some guidance on how to continue to explore tantra and tantric practices on your own.


It’s important to note that tantric massage should always be conducted in a safe and respectful environment, with clear boundaries and consent from both parties. The focus is generally on on spiritual exploration and self-awareness, rather than sexual gratification.



What a tantric massage looks like at our Tantric Massage London studio:


Upon arrival your masseuse sits you down and has a friendly chat – asking you questions such as:

  • have you had this type of massage before?
  • do you have any specific questions you’d like to go over before the massage starts?
  • is there anything you’d like the masseuse to know or anything that you think she should know – eg recent operations or injuries, issues such as premature ejaculation or erection difficulties, support with understanding how to masturbate or orgasm differently, stress related issues affecting sex and libido etc


This chat helps put you at ease so you can feel comfortable with your masseuse and she can know if there’s a specific intention you’d like to explore that she can support you with during the massage. For example if people are trying to explore more ejaculation choice or orgasm range (delayed or more intense, full bodied rather than quick and localised sensations) its helpful for them to talk about this to the masseuse so she can better guide them with breath-work during the massage. Some people choose to have follow up tuition sessions or work with Celeste in a training package (link to training packages) to really help to overcome and explore different issues and intentions.



Its perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous or anxious – we fully appreciate it can be nerve-racking to go to a new location with a new person and feel vulnerable. This is why its important for us for you to feel safe, seen and heard so we can tailor the session to suit you as much as possible within the container that we create.


Massage table:

After a quick chat you’ll be invited to undress and lay face down on the massage table – we mostly use a massage table however we will be welcoming a new masseuse soon who specialises in floor mat body 2 body massage so watch this space!


Tantric massage – the beginning phase:

The masseuse will talk you through some gentle calming breathing techniques to help quieten your mind and allow you to tune into your body. You’ll be massaged with warm oil all over your body using a variety of massage techniques and full body strokes to rhythmically encourage you to surrender and go into a space of receiving pleasure passively rather than trying to direct or control.

This almost meditative state along with deep breathing, the sensual environment and sensations of the massage supports you into tuning into your own body at a deeper level. Allowing yourself to relax into sensual arousal naturally rather than forcing or rushing anything. Gradually the massage becomes more arousing – the masseuse uses her hands and parts of her body to glide over yours (what’s known as ‘body to body’) whilst encouraging you to relax, and breathe fully to expand the sensations and erotic energy throughout your body.


Tantric massage – the peak phase:

This same process continues as you turn over and slowly the massage starts to focus on erogenous zones and genitals.


Tantric massage for men: the masseuse focuses on bringing you up to the point before orgasm (say 80% arousal) through massage of the penis (lingam massage) several times. This is so you can recognise that point and relax, expand and flow with the sensations and sexual energy rather than ‘rush to the finish line’ or speed up or tighten up to control or delay. Learning to recognise this point and open up to it is one of the most powerful body lessons during the tantric massage and can be a gateway to learning more about a mediative and tantric approach to your own body and its sexuality and to how you approach sex with yourself and partners.


Tantric massage for women: the masseuse (Celeste is the most experienced with giving females tantric massage) will focus on breast massage and vulva/vaginal touch (yoni massage) with intuitive listening to the body and adapting to suit each individual going from their initial discussion and tuning into how each woman responds. Although its not as easy to ‘see’ where a woman is at in her arousal phase without the visual of an erection Celeste is well practiced at making a woman feel safe enough to surrender and let go without the pressure of ‘trying’ to orgasm.  The focus is on exploring different ways of pleasure and sexual energy throughout her body that may come in waves of orgasmic release, ejaculation, or more of a holistic full body sensual state.


Tantric massage – the grounding phase:

The attention then becomes on grounding the body back down after it’s reached a ‘peak’ orgasmic or not – we ensure there is no pressure or expectation to get to any ‘goal’ and to enjoy the full bodied journey of the experience. Your masseuse will guide you to slow down your breath and integrate by being aware of more subtle sensations in your body as she slowly finished with a head and foot massage and completes with some stillness to close the session.


You will be gently wiped down with hot towels to get rid of the excess oil and also welcomed to have a moment of reflection if you feel like it. Most times we recommend you stay with the sensations in your body and take a quiet walk or enjoy some stillness in the park nearby the studio to help integrate the experience. This is a much better way to savour and allow your body to ‘download’ the experience rather than rushing off or checking your phones straight away!


If you have any questions, feedback or queries after your session you’re most welcome to contact us here: link to contact page

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