valentine's day


Valentine’s Day is coming up again


Do you feel that you would like to offer your loved one a special experience or a gift? Or maybe there isn’t a special someone in your life..
Either way, one shouldn’t feel pressurised on Valentine’s Day or any other day. Even though society does its best to heap on the pressure on these commercial holidays, with articles about all of the wonderful things that people are doing.

So I thought I would stick to chocolate – which is something you can either buy for someone, or enjoy yourself.

From the days of the Aztecs, chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac – it contains chemicals such as theobromine and phenylethylamine which are thought to be responsible for chocolate’s erotic potency. It is of course, also delicious and melts sensually in the mouth.



valentine's day



Chocolates come in all shapes and sizes. On Valentine’s day, you would think heart-shaped chocolates would be appropriate. However, I was surprised to learn that Edible Anus chocolates, as pictured above, from , have already sold out, one week before Valentine’s day.


valentine's day

If the idea of getting your female partner a chocolate dress appeals to you, you might like the one above, which was made by the German bakery group Lambertz in 2010. Im not sure how long the dress would last, or how long it might take you to lick it off her…… Interestingly enough, I couldnt find any photos of chocolate clothing for men.


valentine's day

Health nuts may find the thought of  eating all that chocolate rather off-putting, in which case you may prefer healthy chocolates with fewer calories, like the ones above made with chia seeds. They are in a nice heart-shape and you could even make them yourself, by following this recipe:


valentine's day

Or if the cold  weather in London is getting to you, a trip to a sunny island on Valentine’s day could be the ideal treat. At the Four Seasons Resort in the Maldives, even chocolate tells a story. The photo above shows Maldivian Jasmine Flower Infused Chocolate Truffle (Red Coral), Caramelised Banana Chocolate Truffle (Star Fish), Almond Chocolate Dragees coated with Pandan sugar, Saffron Ganache layered with Pomegranate pate de Fruit (Yellow Heart) and Maldivian Coconut Ganache layered with Guava pate de Fruit (Red Heart).

For those who dont feel like doing much on Valentine’s day, you might just enjoy seeing an old 1984 ad for Cadbury’s Wispa on youtube. It is very British and very amusing:


Or finally, you could give your loved one a lovely treat  of a personal tantric massage – who would not enjoy receiving a tantric massage from you on Valentine’s day, with or without chocolate ? If you dont know how,  or feel that you dont have the confidence, you still have a week to come and have a tuition session with Celeste, to learn how to do it.

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