The clitoris is described as the only human body part that exists solely for pleasure.

It is not merely a little ‘button’ hidden between a woman’s legs, but rather a large, mostly internal organ many people dont know about.

New York artist, Sophia Wallace has created a multi-media art project entitled “Cliteracy”


According to Wallace, the clitoris was only scientifically discovered in 1998. Although the clitoris did appear in scientific literature in the mid-1800’s, it is only recently that an Australian urologist named Helen O’Connel published a paper describing its sheer scope and size. She specified that the unerect clitoris, most of which is subterranean, could be up to 9 cms long.

In the image above, the internal clitoris is highlighted in yellow.

Sophia Wallace notes how curious it is that the female form is idolized for its sexuality and is broadcast all around us in art and advertising, and yet the clitoris, which is the true female sexual organ, is virtually invisible.
Not only that, but many women feel embarrassed to ask men to pleasure them, and feel that they are asking for a huge favour. ‘It is insane to me’ she says that this should still be happening in 2013.

So Wallace began to work on her project which she hoped would challenge many of the misconceptions regarding the ignorance about the female body. ‘For me, the word “Cliteracy” she states, perfectly breaks down the idea of the project. Its this ….wonderful little word that…. illuminates this idea of total illiteracy and incompetence when it comes to the female body.’


With the help of sculptor Kenneth Thomas, Wallace created an anatomically accurate – and rideable- golden clitoris. The giant organ was the star of the “Clit Rodeo” an interactive performance that involved members of the public performing and dancing with the giant clitoris for prizes.

It was an invitation for audiences to experience a space free from traditional shame, taboo and silence usually cloaking conversations around sexuality, particularly female gentitals said Wallace…. People couldn’t stop looking at it, touching it, riding it, being around it…. it just had this aura about it. It wasn’t just the women on the clit, it wasn’t just the men, everyone was engaged.


From an article by Dominique Mosbergen
in The Huffington Post 8/31/2013

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