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During the pandemic:

During this phase, many of us are isolated from numerous day to day types of contact that until now we may have thought nothing of – casual handshakes, hugs, fist bumps, pats on the back – even the accidental crashing into people on a manic London underground commute. Amongst all the zoom meetings and coping mechanisms that we’ve quickly adapted to none can be as hard to replicate or fulfil remotely and online than that of loving/nurturing touch – be it sensual, platonic or neutral. A type of ‘touch craving’ has set in without many realising the simple power of one of the most basic human needs. ‘Skin hunger is also a term being used when we go for long periods without touch as the illustrator Kristen Radtke explored in the New York Times “Touch strengthens your immune system, improves sleep, reduces stress, and ramps up the body’s production of its natural painkillers.”  (


Self touch:

One of Celeste’s main tantric massage tuition principles she uses is to encourage both givers and receivers to ‘feel what they’re feeling, rather than thinking what they’re feeling’. For some of us, the reduction or absence of human contact in these last months has got our thinking mind going into overdrive with news headlines, fear and questions around what the future will look like, missing friends/family. Taking time to make self-touch a priority during this time can help us keep grounded in our own bodies and give our heads/nervous systems a much needed break. It doesn’t need to be too complicated and can be as simple as taking a moment in the shower or bath to slow right down using your soap/bath gel and focusing on what your body would like to feel. Light? Firm? Stillness? Movement?  Sometimes it can feel a bit frustrating that it doesn’t feel as good as when someone else does it – perhaps use the question ‘how would I like someone else to touch me now’ can help inspire and direct your self-touch. We’ll be exploring helpful tips around self-pleasure during the lockdown in the next blog.

This is a very strange time we are living through at the moment. Connection, touch, and intimacy are basic human needs and we look forward to operating once again at full capacity and being able to offer you our quality Tantric Massage sessions.


2 Responses to “TOUCH strengthens your immune system, improves sleep, reduces stress, and ramps up the body’s production of its natural painkillers”

  1. Arun

    It is indeed a strange and stressful time especially for those of us who sincerely wish to be innocent yet tantric and joyously enjoy touch with the goal of trying to become more present more still yet feel fully alive

    Do let me know when you are fully open

    Thanks and greetings to Celeste rayah and the team

    • Jessica

      Thanks Arun we are taking bookings and following the governments close contact guidelines as much as applicable
      Warm regards


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