Tantric tuition with Celeste:

Celeste’s customised self pleasure tantric tuition sessions can support people looking to explore their own sexuality at a deeper level to help them understand themselves and their partners. Learning about your own self touch and pleasure can be a really grounding way to being the journey of learning about how to pleasure and explore with others.

Self pleasure top touch tips:

Variation! Try different positions, environments, lubrications (organic oils, CBD lube). Create your own masturbation playlist – rhythm dictates your movements, choose slower more sensual music that inspires you to take your time rather than being super quick.

If you’re dependent on porn or vibrators: use porn/toys to get you to a certain arousal level then look away/put the toy down and focus on using your hands and feeling different sensations before going back to porn/toys.

Learn to massage yourself sensually! We also offer private tuition and you can get to know more by contacting us.

What toys to use:

There are loads on the market these days and lots of variation and high quality to suit all the different tastes, if you don’t know where to start try a good quality friendly sex shop and ask the shop assistants or online chats.

Best positions for Masturbating:

Any position that can allow loads of movement, breath, sound and obviously access to touching where you want to touch without tension/pins and needles/cramp: if you want to touch nipples and anus at the same time – the ‘recovery position’ can be the best with loads of cushions. Ideally not crouched over a laptop or phone!

Using a mirror to watch yourself can be very educational/inspiring and yes a bit weird also haha!


Learning to feel what you’re feeling rather than thinking what you’re feeling or being in your head can really help expand and connect with different sensations and discover new pleasure pathways. If you find you masturbate the same way each time, try setting aside times to explore other ways to pleasure yourself, many of my female clients have issues being able to orgasm with a partner as they’ve become too dependent on direct hard and fast clitoris stimulation from vibrators so when having oral sex or softer touches they’re not as sensitive. Numbing out is something I support people – especially women – with in learning to feel more subtle touches and learning new ways to orgasm.

Other touch tips:

Better solo sex helps to create better partnered sex

Too often we expect our partners to know how to please us yet if we don’t know how to please ourselves how can we expect our partners to know? Once we know ourselves at a deeper level we can articulate and communicate with our partners what works for us.


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