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Part 1 – Tantric Tuition for Men

When men come to Tantric Massage London and ask for a tantric tuition session, the two main things they want to learn more about are:

1. Ejaculation Control

2. How to really give pleasure to a woman

Ejaculation Control

Many men experience concerns with premature ejaculation in some form or another during their life, and hope to learn some techniques to help them to last longer. A large majority find that when they are simply lying on the massage table, with no pressure to perform, their ‘premature ejaculation’ problem disappears, and they are able to last naturally for far longer than they thought, with no special effort on their part.

There are several reasons for this. A lot of so called premature ejaculation issues arise from the pressure to perform and please a partner. When that pressure is removed, very often the problem evaporates. We encourage our clients to get in touch with their passive side and experience the feelings and sensation in their body, and to enjoy receiving unconditional touch – where there is no need to respond or reciprocate. In this way, a man can learn to let go fully. A lot of the time, men feel that they should be responding, that they should be the doers, and sometimes this becomes so ingrained that they are afraid that they will not be turned on if they cannot look at a beautiful woman’s naked body, or touch the masseuse.  However, once they begin to experience the currents of energy flowing through their body, and get carried away in a total body orgasm, the last thing on their mind is to touch the masseuse. They become totally absorbed in the sensations within their own body.

Naturally all men are different, and their responses will vary. We do teach some simple breathing techniques which help with general relaxation, and are helpful for premature ejaculation. We also ask our clients to communicate with us and to let us know if they feel that they are about to ‘come’ at any point. This enables us to regulate the pressure we use, and help them to get to the point just before orgasm (the plateau phase) and then to relax, and we then slowly build up the pressure again. We do this several times, building up the energy within the body, so that the orgasm, when it comes, is much more intense than usual, and encompasses the entire body, rather than being just a fleeting localised feeling. Some men do not need to ejaculate, and experience what is known as an internal orgasm.

We let the tantric tuition session evolve in a very natural way. We do not believe in imposing techniques, but enabling the body to re-learn how to relax and let go. A lot of issues around premature ejaculation involve the person’s mind, and tendency to worry, and having to learn a whole load of new techniques could add to this worry. We have also found that once a client is able to last longer in this way with us in our tantric massage studio, it is as if he has become ‘rewired’, and it is much easier for him to replicate the experience at home, with his partner. It is , however, important for his partner to also take things very slowly, relaxing into arousal, and maybe breathing in harmony with her spouse, to keep the pace nice and slow. It is very important not to fall into a pattern of ‘ being in a rush’ which is what so often happens.

How to really give pleasure to a woman

We have had many female clients complain to us that their partner does not touch her gently or sensitively enough and does not really understand how to turn her on, or how her body works. Often also, our male clients are aware of the fact that their spouse has lost interest in their sexual relationship.

Part of the cause can be a lack of communication skills. Partners do not feel comfortable telling one another that they are not really enjoying the way they are being touched or treated. In our tantric tuition sessions for men, we show our client how to touch a woman, what feels good and what doesnt, and we allow them to practice on us.

We also make suggestions about how to  communicate some of these issues to their partner in a way which might be more acceptable or understandable. We instruct them on how to give a tantric massage to a woman, and how to lay out the ideal setting for a tantric massage  in their own  home.

We have received a lot of positive feedback on these tantric tuition sessions for men, and after only one or two appointments, many clients report a noticeable improvement in their sex life at home. Several clients have followed up on their training,  and subsequently brought their wives to our tantric massage clinic, to experience our tantric tuition session for couples, together.

4 Responses to “Tantric Tuition at Tantric Massage London in Kensington”

  1. Ryan

    Dear Eva, thanks a lot for sharing this very useful information and insight into these male issues. I am able to relate with every line of your post. Over the years, some performance patterns have developed and it looks with the help of tantra some useful re-learning/unwinding is possible. I will contact you when I am in London next time.
    Best Wishes.

  2. Eva

    HI, Everything I have written is based on my practical experience of 18 years of working in this field.

  3. Alex

    Hello Eve,

    Everything you’ve written here is so true!

    “A good traveller has no fixed plans
    and is not intent upon arriving.”

    I think this summarises it really. Pressure to perform (or ‘arrive’) and too much planning kills the feeling.


    “Know the male, but keep to the female”
    All we (men) need to learn is to open up and go with the flow.

    I definitely will be in touch.

    All the very best,


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