Tantric tuition with Celeste – self pleasure

In a time of lockdown isolation and less human interaction self pleasure can be a great way to relax, tune out from the barrage of the outside world and tune in to your inner world. The benefits of solo sex are widely known now as masturbation becomes less of a taboo subject – with more open conversations and representation in the media brings less shame and stigma. Self pleasure is an integral part of human sexuality yet in most cultures we aren’t taught how to do it let alone openly discuss it. The importance in learning about your own body and how it responds to different touches, strokes, textures, fantasies, positions, rhythms, environments can give you a deeper understanding of your own unique sensuality and sexuality rather than learning through only through porn or partners. Our highly experienced tantric masseuse Celeste does bespoke tantric tuition sessions which can focus on learning about your own self pleasure – if you’d like a private session with her to learn more about your own body or get support with any issues you may have please contact us

Tantric tuition – customised to you:

Celeste has taught and supported many people and couples in the art of tantric massage (both online and in person session) how to give and receive to both men and women. She teaches that one of the fundamentals of learning how to touch another person sensually, intimately and with confidence is to learn about your own self pleasure. To have a tantric tuition session with her you ideally can first book a tantric massage so you are able to experience and receive, then you can have follow on tantric tuition sessions to learn more about how to touch your own body and how to incorporate tantric breathing techniques. Each tuition session is customised to suit you – she has successfully supported men with common issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and wanting to be able to last longer and feel more. The women she works with usually need support to learn how to get out of their heads and relax into feeling aroused and being comfortable in their body in order to be able to experience orgasm and deeper sensation.


We are happy to have a private confidential chat with you if you’re unsure about anything or have questions about tantric tuition.


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