Tantric Tuition for Women

Little girls are brought up with the romantic  idea that one day they will meet their knight in shining armour, who will sweep her off her feet, love her for ever,  and life will be wonderful  ever after.

We have been spoon-fed these romantic  images, by novels, movies and our culture in general.

But the reality, or the inside stories, reveal something very different going on under the surface.

clark gable

clark gable

Novels like Lady Chatterley’s lover, which was banned when it was first written, have now been read by most schoolgirls. The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet is part of our culture….. as is Walt Disney’s Cinderella singing ‘Some Day My Prince will Come.’

We all know about the love life of famous politicians like Robert Kennedy, millionaires like Howard Hughes, footballers, starting with the first ‘pop’ footballer George Best, latin lovers like Rudolph Valentino and Clark Gable, and the most famous womanizer of them all, Casanova.

rudolph valentino tantric tuition for women

rudolph valentino



But what is it like being married to these men?

They may be able to sweep women off their feet initially, but what happens after that….?

It must be very difficult, if not impossible, for anyone to live up to the the huge expectations which are built up in the minds of both men and women, by our culture.

Fortunately, sex education is prevalent in schools nowadays, and most teenagers know a surprising amount about the mechanics of sex. But does anyone teach them about their emotions, getting in touch with themselves at a deeper level, and learning to communicate in an honest way?

george best

george best

Because of the more complex nature of women’s bodies

And their emotions and minds, many men view women as somewhat of a mystery, even after having been married to one for many years.

Many women experience difficulty or inability to orgasm, and because this comes as a surprise to the woman herself, she often doesnt understand herself what is happening, and finds it even more difficult to talk about her concerns to her partner.

Here, at Tantric Massage London in Kensington, we offer a safe and supportive space for women to explore and discover their own bodies at a deeper level, and this enables them to communicate more openly with their partner about their needs. It is difficult to tell your partner what your needs are when you yourself are not sure. Many women experience sex or sensual contact as a reaction to a male initiating intimacy, and trying to adjust and respond to whatever pace he sets – which is often too fast for her, and does not allow her to fully relax, surrender and build up the sexual energy in her body to its full potential.

Prior to the massage, we  have a short chat with the client, in order to enable her to explain any details she would like to go over, or anything in particular that she would like to focus on, and we tailor the session to suit her. We  ensure that she is comfortable enough to be able to verbally or physically guide  the masseuse, and give  feedback if she wishes at any stage of the session. We  have found that when a woman is comfortable enough to communicate , it not only helps the masseuse, but can enable her to discover her own body in a safe, non-judgemental or rushed setting. Celeste combines subtlety, sensitivity and a well-developed intuition, without being too delicate – not every woman likes feather-soft touch, not every woman likes firm touch. It is the finely tuned combination of all types of touch, interwoven in a complete full body massage, that provides the key to our tantric massage and tantric tuition for women.

A woman instinctively knows how to touch a woman and what feels good. Our tantric massage for women is a full body, sensual experience which allows the space and time for a  client to feel her body in a unique and very special way.

There is no need to give back, or to do anything.

The idea is to completely surrender into receiving pleasure and there is no pressure or need to perform and please. The tantric masseuse ensures that you are completely comfortable throughout, and has an innate understanding of how to listen and respond to a woman’s body. A combination of soft, light, deep and firm full body strokes, relaxes the body and mind. The sexual energy is awakened and progressively built up, entwining the breasts and yoni(vagina)massage. Speed and pressure  are balanced, to enhance the full body experience and the session is tailored individually for each client. Celeste  will respond and work within whatever you are comfortable with. If you are wanting to completely let go and explore your own body – or if you want to go at a different pace – there is no right or wrong way to experience a Tantric Massage.

Sometimes women can “think” themselves to orgasm.

As women generally take longer to reach a climax, they may have a tendency to try to hurry it up, and impede the full sexual/sensual potential of their body. By removing the pressure to please the giver, or being pressured to have an orgasm, you can actually focus on opening up to your sexual energy in your own way, at your own pace, with no pressure or need to give back. This may sound self-indulgent to some, but the truth is that  by experiencing your own body at a deeper level, you will have a more tangible reference point from which to communicate or demonstrate your needs to a partner, and this in turn will give him more pleasure. We have found that men are delighted to be told what to do to please their partner, and even more delighted and aroused when they see her really in touch with, and enjoying her own body.

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