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This will be the first of a few articles on our tantric therapy /tantric tuition sessions

We offer these sessions here at our Tantric Massage studio in the heart of Kensington.I would like to first of all lay the groundwork of all our thinking.
There is a lot of confusion nowadays, about esoteric terms such as chakras, kundalini, shakti, etc. and all of a sudden, numerous so-called experts have sprung up, writing articles on these subjects. Nowadays, it is too easy to read a few articles or books, and overnight become an ‘authority’ on subjects such as tantra. Only a truly realised master can convey the truth on these subjects – and again, in today’s world, one needs a lot of discrimination in order to tell who is a truly realised master, and who is not.

This is why we do not claim to raise your kundalini… we do not call ourselves Tantric Goddesses and we do not indulge in talk about chakras or rituals.

During the past 40 years, I have been involved in a deep study, firstly of the many branches of  transpersonal and humanistic psychology. I qualified as a co-counsellor, and also as a Fischer-Hoffman therapist in California. I have also spent time living in the company of many of the great Hindu, Buddhist and Sufi masters of our day. I have also qualified in Thai massage, Swedish massage, and have experienced and looked into many other branches of massage which are popular today. And I received one-on-one training from a Malaysian Taoist master in Los Angeles.

All this forms the background and experience which we offer to our visitors at our Tantric Massage clinic in Kensington.  In recent years, London has become a hub for all kinds of massage. There has been an influx of masseuses from eastern Europe, Thailand, China, etc. They often work for a pittance, in so called ‘medical centres’ or some form of massage parlour, where they are paid a minimum wage, and offer sensual massage or erotic massage ‘extra services’on the side to their clients in the hope of a tip, to make up for their scant earnings.

I find all this very sad, but it is a fact of life in London today. The reason I mention all this, is to clearly differentiate between a sensual massage, or an erotic massage, where a masseuse will pour oil over you and rub her body against you and the type of service we offer here at Tantric Massage London in Kensington. I hestitate to use the term ‘tantric massage’ because in truth, massage has nothing to do with tantra, and  so-called ‘tantric massage’ which is on offer today, has nothing whatsoever to do with tantra, in the true sense of the word.

What most people are seeking today, is relief from symptoms of stress – whether the stress comes from their jobs, relationships, sexual/physical/psychological/health problems, or simply the stress of modern life and keeping up with its constant demands.

Massage will help to relieve symptoms of  physical stress in the body. Sensual or erotic massage can alleviate the effects of sexual frustration. But a masseuse or therapist who has a background and practice in meditation and yoga , can work with your subtle energies in a totally different and much more subtle way. You will find that your mental as well as physical concerns and troubles can vanish, as if by magic.

Celeste has been working  at Tantric Massage London, for 7 years now. She was qualified and experienced in Swedish massage and Thai Massage as well as Reiki, before she joined us. Since then, she has completed many more courses and is highly qualified. She is now the only masseuse in our clinic offering tantric therapy/tantric tuition, as well as regular tantric massage for men,women and couples.  Together, we have written some articles which describe the sessions she is now offering, and those articles will soon be published on this blog. Do look out for them.

4 Responses to “Tantric Therapy/Tantric Tuition”

  1. Ryan

    Dear Eva, thanks for this frank post. Its true, even a basic search on Google for tantric massage london or tantra london will bring so many varied results and many of them are essentially massage parlors with a Asian/Hindu/Buddhist ambiance but their website does not show any depth about why they do what they are doing. I hope your post gets read by more people. Best Wishes.

    • eva evan

      Ryan, your post was written many years ago, but I have just read it again and it is more apt than ever. . In the past 5 years, the ‘scene’ has only deteriorated. So many masseuses claiming to practice ‘genuine tantric massage’, but you just need to read their websites, to come to your own conclusions. This is the Maya of our world.

  2. Callum

    Hi Eva, It is really fascinating to read all of these posts. It is particularly great to find someone so authentic in what they are doing. I think you are doing brilliant work in talking about the real spiritual understanding of life. I’ll keep reading now…. 🙂 Callum

  3. Louie Frandeen

    You have mentioned very interesting details ! ps nice web site . “To grow mature is to separate more distinctly, to connect more closely.” by Hugo Von Hofmannsthal.


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