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We have been practicing tantric massage in London for over 20 years.

When we first began, there were maybe 5 practitioners in the whole of London offering tantric massage. And we all advertised in a publication called Loot.Those were the days before the internet. There were no photos on display, no sexy images, simply a short ad, with our telephone number. And all the practitioners knew one another.

Today, if someone wants a tantric massage, they will search on the internet, often via google, and they will find dozens of pages of listings. If a person just goes through the listings on page one of their search, most of the services they will find are escorts disguised as tantric massage. We have lost the innocence and gentleness of the early days. Now, large escort agencies buy their way onto Google search and do all they can to eliminate the competition. This has nothing to do with tantra or tantric massage.

It has also changed the expectations of clients who visit these masseuses or escorts in disguise, and then come to us, asking for ‘yoni massage’ and other services which have been offered to them, all couched in hindu terminology to make them sound esoteric.

We have never used gimmicks like this and have always tried to remain true to what we know.

‘The Shiva Linga and the Shakti Yoni are the two main Tantric symbols

of ascending and descending forces.

It would be wrong to look at the linga and the yoni only in human sexual terms. The sexual symbolism of Tantra, like the subject of sexuality in general, has always engaged the human mind. The modern mind is obsessed by it. ‘

There is a common,but inaccurate notion held in the West that Hindus worship the Shiva Lingam as a phalic image. This is not correct.

Tantra enables us to experience the cosmic energy behind human sexuality, rather than try to reduce spiritual polarities to our own physical and emotional inclinations.

The practice of Yoga leads beyond human psychology to the experience of universal consciousness.

It is in this spirit that we offer our own version of tantric massage at our lovely apartment in Kensington, West London/Central London.



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