Happy Halloween

Halloween used to be mainly celebrated by children in America

( as well as Scotland and Ireland),but now it seems to be becoming more and more popular with all generations in this country.
Everyone seems to love an excuse to get dressed up, put face paint on,  and  go out and party.

I first saw children go out  ‘Trick- or -Treating” when I lived in California in the ’80’s.  Nowadays, they are all doing it here too, although I did see one rather bad tempered neighbour a few years ago, slam his front door in the face of a group of angelic children, dressed up as wizards and fairies, with the words: ‘This is England, not America!”

I went to see the film about Facebook this weekend – The Social Network. I definitely recommend it – its a fascinating story, and very well acted.

Talking of Facebook, I found the above picture on there today, with the following quote:

He breathes into my ear until my soul takes on His fragrance. He is the soul of my soul.”  – Rumi –


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