integrity and tantric massage

Tantric Massage and Integrity should go hand in hand.


We have been getting booked up quite a bit in advance lately and clients have been asking why I do not take on some more masseuses.

For some time now, I have decided to use only one massage room, so we are limited re. the amount of slots available every day. Also, clients who arrive early can now wait peacefully in our waiting room.

I have not taken on any additional masseuses because it seems to be becoming harder and harder to find masseuses who have experience, training and the right personality , attitude and understanding.

I have advertised but have met mainly young girls with no training who expect to be paid a lot of money, only because they are attractive. They say things like ‘sensual massage is easy’, and they think that experience is unnecessary and they somehow feel entitled to earn a lot, based mainly on their looks.

Of course, there will always be a demand for young, sexy, pretty girls – and different clients have varying requirements.

But I have always been particular about who I take on here. Of course a tantric masseuse should be attractive, but she should also have many other qualities which I consider important, and unless I find the right person, I prefer to keep things small – quality not quantity.

As a result, we mainly have particularly nice clients as well and masseuses enjoy working here. I have also been getting emails of encouragement on this point from clients . Here are some snippets:


Eva, I would also like to thank you for staying loyal to your values of authenticity whilst there seem to be so many charlatans in the industry. I think in being very careful about who you choose to work in your business that high level of integrity can be maintained…….Apart from giving a wonderful treatment, I always found her sensitive, genuine, warm and caring. Eden has a lovely personality and is a great credit to herself and your business. ‘


My experiences with Celeste were psychologically profound…..Throughout it all Celeste was a deeply calming and supportive presence. I remain deeply grateful for her ability to make me feel safe, and for the care with which she held my hand both literally and figuratively throughout. For me, it was a therapeutic process of breaking down my internal barriers, and being able to feel comfortable with intimate and sensual touch. It was a huge deal for me………. I don’t know how much you might recognise me now. I’m a much more relaxed, happier, healthier and more connected human being.’


  ‘I just wanted again to express my immense gratitude…… as Celeste said that it’s important for me to receive, and so not even ‘give back’ thanks…. I deliberately said nothing. However, I really want to tell you how powerful the session was- I achieved my goal of deeper pleasure and, awesomely, whilst in trance experienced a very clear sense of my life’s purpose….’


There is so much nonsense written on websites about ‘ ‘eastern tantric massage vs. western tantric massage etc….Partial truths and imagination everywhere…… talk of kundalini, chakras, etc….. I wonder whether any of these authors has ever seen a chakra….this is part of the culture we are living in today….It has become hard to differentiate between truth and lies.

And then we get clients coming to us saying ‘I want chakra balancing’ – so I ask them what they mean by that, and naturally they don’t have a clue, but read about it somewhere, and thought it sounded good.

I have always had a practical approach. Perhaps because I am older than most in this business, and have had the good fortune to spend time with true masters all over the world, I have a good ‘nose’ for nonsense.

Naturally, everyone is trying to market their services, but tantric massage and integrity should go hand in hand. There should be honesty, so that trust can be developed – and not an attempt to deceive.

According to the Vedas, which are the ancient Hindu scriptures, the world goes through cycles, and we are presently in Kali Yuga, which is a time of delusion and hypocricy, where true spiritual values are hidden.

In my opinion, there can’t really be a true tantric massage, when a commercial transaction is involved. However we can still try to convey an experience which has an element of transcendence. So that unlike a typical sensual massage, it does not lead to a craving for yet another experience, but rather to a feeling of peace and inner contentment.

In the words of a great Sufi Saint:

‘Earthly passions give a momentary satisfaction, yet create a tendency for more; in this struggle, the satisfaction of the soul is overlooked… depriving the soul of its true bliss…. the true delight of the soul lies in love, harmony and beauty, the outcome of which is wisdom, calm and peace.....’ Hazrat Inayat Khan


tantric massage and integrity

4 Responses to “Tantric Massage and Integrity”

  1. arun

    That is a wonderfully true piece and as I have often told you your place remains an oasis in a desert.

    You are very right that authenticity. joy calmness within an overall session of playfulness innocence wonder and awe are the hall marks of a pure tantra session.

    Of course I have often found tantra in places that are not tantric or marketed as such. Yet your temple is indeed a delight and you are an institution with a difference and should remain so……amen

    Only one small change in your post. True that a tantric session should lead to calmness but it also leads to a craving for that beautiful One, the only one!, that is immanent at all times in the beautiful nature representation of prakriti that surrounds us at all times.

    But once again a lovely and timely rejoinder of the deeper purpose of tantra.

    Nice sufi quote at the end………….the nectar of wisdom………

    thank you eva

  2. Michael

    I have just seen this post and it is wise and reassuring. I am only able to visit occasionally but the entire experience is positive and life enhancing. I have never had the time to really study the thought and philosophy involved in tantra but consider myself someone who is open and therefore able to experience spirituality in many forms some involving sex some not. Jyoti is a remarkable woman and I find time spent in her presence life enhancing and energising in a way that few other things are. After reading your post I understand much better why that is and I thank you for sticking to your particular approach – long may it continue. Michael

  3. Eva

    Thank you for those nice words, Michael. I sometimes wonder whether anyone reads my blog… your words are reassuring to me too!!


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