tantric massage


What are you looking for in a tantric massage?


From speaking to our visitors over many years, the following seem to be essential:

1.The premises should be beautiful, comfortable, clean and private. You want to avoid a seedy bedsit at all costs, and you do not want to knock into other clients. It is also helpful if the place is easy to find, centrally located and hopefully with parking, taxis or public transport nearby.

2.The masseuses should be talented in their profession, they should have pleasant personalities and enjoy what they do. They should also listen to you and adapt the service to your individual needs. They should be attractive both inside and out. You want to feel that they are being authentic and that you can relate to them as a person.

3. You are looking for the very best service, from the point of view of ease of communication in making the appointment, reliabilty and consistency of quality. You also appreciate discretion and maybe that extra special ‘something’ which cannot be described in words.

4. You do not want to feel rushed or hurried.

5. If you are a regular client, you also appreciate variety of technique and style. You do not want the massage to be formulaic.

6. Special offers are always a nice touch, and we do have our Special Offer 4-hand tantric massage at £150 per hour, usually twice per week.

7. You are not looking for an escort disguised as a tantric masseuse.

tantric massage



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