Tantric massage is eliciting a lot of interest nowadays

and we get countless telephone calls from potential new clients who suddenly decide to find out about tantric massage while they are driving their car, or just walking on the street

They ask all sorts of questions and when I suggest that it is not easy to explain tantric massage in a few minutes and I suggest that they read the articles on our website, which will provide all  the information on tantric massage that they may need,  the answer usually is :

I cant because I’m driving’   or

Im on my mobile and can’t access all the details your site‘… or

‘I’m at work and can’t spend time looking at your website’ or

a friend gave me your telephone no. and I dont have the website address‘….. etc. etc…

In our modern stressful world, everyone seems to be in a hurry. Even making a decision to book a tantric massage seems to be fraught with stress . We do try to maintain a nice , calm, peaceful atmosphere, so that when you arrive here, you can leave your worries, tension, guilt, frustrations outside, and just forget about them, and hopefully when you leave, that peaceful feeling will stay with you.

It is entirely natural to feel anxious before a first appointment.

I have just come across a really amusing video, which is a funny sketch of what happens during a first tantric massage session. Dont be put off by the cartoon characters – it really is quite true to life…


first tantric massage


Click on the link, and turn on the sound – Enjoy!


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