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What happens in your Tantra-Tantric Tuition ?

Is a question that we often get asked by prospective clients. So I thought I would write an article on the subject, although of course, like all our sessions, the Tantra-Tantric tuition is adapted to each individual.

I will be writing here about Tantra-Tantric tuition for men because this is where we get most of the questions.

We make it a pre-requisite that anyone wanting to have Tantra-Tantric tuition should experience a tantric massage with us first.

The reason for this is that one learns by receiving as well as by giving, and receiving is part of the learning experience. If you want to be able to give a wonderful tantric massage, you need to have experienced it on yourself first.

It is possible to book a 2 hour appointment – and then the first hour would consist of the massage and the second hour would be the tuition. You do not need to book a series of sessions in advance but can take them individually, and decide at the end of each appointment whether you would like to book another one. That way, you can feel free and do not have to pay for a long course in advance.

What kind of individuals seek out Tantra-Tantric tuition?

– Some are young and just embarking on their sensual life and feel the need for guidance.

– Some are single men wanting to improve their skills for a future relationship.

– Some are already in a relationship, married or otherwise.

– Some men feel they have had very little experience, either because they have been married to one woman from a very young age, or because their wife has recently passed away, and they would like to receive some training to give them confidence and help prepare for a future new relationship.

Many men, who are older in years, feel embarrassed that they know so little, inspite of their years, and we always tell them that education in sensual skills is severely lacking in our society.

We are mainly taught how to ‘protect’ and ‘prevent’, rather than how to PLEASURE.

Women often have the expectation that men should know what to do, whereas the truth is that most women don’t know themselves what gives them pleasure, so how can men possibly know?

During your first session, you will receive a tantric massage,and you will be encouraged to FEEL the experience. Then Celeste will show you what she did and why she did it. You will start at your own level and all the sessions will be adapted specifically for you.

After you have FELT the feelings, you will LISTEN to the explanation and then you will DO it yourself.

You will be shown how to touch a woman, what to touch and where to touch. You will be shown various strokes and will learn to experience what it feels like from a woman’s point of view. We will cover what women like, what does not feel good to many women.

Many men tend to be goal-oriented. Naturally, you need to know about a woman’s anatomy and where everything is, but you also need to develop your intuition and ability to let go. Pleasure is really experienced when there is an ability to relax and let go, with no pressure of any kind on either partner.

Real pleasure is non goal-oriented. If you are able to meditate and completely distance yourself from your thoughts, you will experience the sensations in your body all the more intensely, but everyone goes at their own pace.

This is a summary

because each person’s process is unique.

Some men want to concentrate on issues such as premature ejaculation, or communication with a partner, or past emotional hurt. We create an open, flexible, adaptable learning experience, which encourages frankness, and we have often been told by clients that they have never been taught this information regarding where everything is, and what to do, in such a helpful way before.

We can also recommend websites for particular issues.
Here are some interesting ones:

www.dodsonandross.com is the website of Betty Dodson who was one of the main pioneers of sexual education, and has many helpful articles, questions and videos.

www.doodleyourdownthere.com is a website which you may find entertaining.

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