eden tantric masseuse

Many of you have been trying to make advance bookings for tantra massage with Eden


Eden has decided to study for a new career, and this will be taking up a lot of her time in the future. However, for now, she will continue to offer tantra massage with us on various days to fit in with her new studies.
To find out when she will be here, please check our Gallery page. which will give you our masseuses’ schedule one week in advance.

Eden has been a very popular masseuse with everyone in the past 3 years and we do hope she will be able to continue to work here for at least one day per week in the near future. For the time being, she will be offering our 4-hand special tantra massage on Wednesdays with Uma, who joins us this week. You will find a couple of photos of Uma and a brief description of her experience on our Gallery page.

Eden may also be able to replace the other masseuses when they go away on holiday, so please keep an eye on our weekly schedule, which will always be posted one week in advance.

For those of you who like to make tantra massage bookings in advance, we can tell you now, that Uma will be away on holiday for the second half of July as well as at the end of August, and Celeste will be away during the second half of September. Eden will be replacing them on those days.

We wish Eden much luck and happiness in her future new career.

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