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Our tantra massage schedule

for the next few months will be changing, so I am posting some details here for those of you who like to plan in advance.




River will be leaving us at the end of July.

She will no longer be working on Wednesdays, so we will be closed on Wednesdays in July.

River will be offering the four hand massage with Jyoti on Thursday July 19 and Thursday July 26.


Celeste will be working on the days posted on our Schedule page   ie on July 2 and July 30. We will remain closed on the Mondays when she is away




Jyoti will all be taking a badly-needed holiday for the whole month of August.


Just as I had decided to take semi-retirement, I have received an unusually large amount of requests from masseuses interested in working here.  Isn’t that always the way !


We will be taking on a lovely, talented and very experienced new masseuse called Veena very soon. She will be offering the four hand massage with Jyoti on Tuesday July 31…and we will be making it a Special Offer of £140 for one hour.

She will also be working on Mondays and Tuesdays and Friday August 10 and Friday August 24 while Jyoti is away in August.

We will not be offering the four-hand massage during August.
In August, Celeste will be available on Wednesday August 8th and 15th.
She will then be on maternity leave until March 2019.


So we will be working 3 days per week throughout August and I will update our Schedule page on a weekly basis.


Jyoti will be back on Tuesday September 4, and she will be working on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, as usual.

On all Tuesdays in September we will be offering only 4 hand massage with Jyoti and Veena. For those who wish to make appointments with Jyoti on her own, please book on a Thursday or Friday.

Veena will be working on Tuesdays and also on Monday September 17 and 24.


Celeste is away on maternity leave.

Veena will be available every Monday and Tuesday in October until October 23.
so we will be working four days per week throughout October – We will be closed on Wednesdays and at the weekend.

We will also be closed on Monday October 29.

Jyoti will be available on Tuesdays for the four hand massage with Veena only. She can be booked on her own on Thursdays and Fridays.

River will be back on Tuesday October 30, offering the 4 hand massage with Jyoti.

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