Links and Books on Tantric Massage and Tantra

These links and books on tantric massage and tantra may help in your understanding of tantra , neo-tantra, tantric massage and the tao.


Clients often ask us about books relating to tantric massage and tantra. They also ask about the music we play during our sessions.


We have picked our favourites books,  some of which were published a long time ago, and may not be that well-known.
They have been selected to give a more comprehensive understanding of the basic philosophies of eastern mysticism, tantra and the tao.


Naturally, you do not need to read these books before having a tantric massage. In fact many of you may not want to read them at all. But we have provided this page for those who would like to have a clearer idea of the philosphical background to tantra.


We have also included a link to one of the music cds we play during our sessions. Some of our clients have asked why we tend to keep  playing  the same cds. Our answer is that mantras purify the atmosphere and the mantras we have chosen to play during the massage are connected to the names of mother divine, who is intimately linked to the philosophy of tantra. They do aid relaxation, by helping to still the mind.