tantra misconceptions

    Tantra Misconceptions   an extremely interesting and well witten  article by David Frawley can be found on his website https://www.vedanet.com/tantra-and-its-misconceptions-reclaiming-the-essence-from-the-illusions/.   For those of you interested in understanding what tantra really is as opposed to tantra misconceptions, I highly recommend reading it.   It is very hot in London today, and I do not have the energy to write an article on the subject myself, but I will quote here some of the main paragraphs.   The Allure of Tantra Perhaps nothing is more exotic, dramatic and sensational in India’s Yoga traditions than is the practice of Tantra. No other approach to Yoga has gained such a fascination for the modern mind and its seeking of the bizarre, the entertaining and the enigmatic. Tantra appears to offer both spiritual and worldly success to a superlative degree. It covers not only internal yogic experiences of chakras, lokas and deities, but also has many important healing practices for body and mind. Most notably, it offers special means of heightening sexual pleasure, making money, gaining recognition and defeating one’s enemies – with Tantric methods available for achieving all human desires. There is in Tantra something for everyone, especially those who may be… Read more »

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