tantra goddess energy

  Tales of tantra goddess energy ….and sacred prostitutes or priestesses are a popular subject of books and films nowadays. I remember visiting one of the first yoga centres in Switzerland,- in the 1970’s. It was run by a lady called Elizabeth Haich, and her Indian yogi companion Yesudian. Elizabeth Haich was a Hungarian mystic who was helped to escape Hungary just after World War II by Yesudian. She wrote a well-known book called ‘Initiation’ in which she recalls with lucid clarity, her past life experiences as a priestess in ancient Egypt:   “‘The priestesses in the temple have different tasks corresponding to their different abilities………They teach young men to transmute their physical urge through the power of the spirit and to aim for a higher spiritual union….. they also teach young men who are on the point of marrying about this sacred power, so they can transmit this energy to their wives after marriage….”   Some people might find this hard to believe – but tales abound of similar techniques being taught in ancient Greece in the temples of Venus – sacred prostitutes who also offered spiritual-sexual healing…. When soldiers returned from war, ill of heart from all that… Read more »

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