search engine optimisation for tantric massage london

  Since I no longer practice massage these days, I spend a lot of my time on admin type work, which includes research on search engine optimisation for tantric massage london.   What that means is figuring out how google rewards websites by placing them at the top of search for a particular phrase or word. Naturally every website wants to be found by as many people as possible who may be interested in their services. In the field of tantric/sensual/erotic massage there is a huge amount of competition nowadays, not to mention all the escorts who have taken to labelling themselves as tantric massage agencies. Google are said to have their own algorithms to help them figure out how relevant a website may be. Since this is a secret algorithm, many SEO companies have been created specifically to make a living out of advising clients on how to create websites which will be ‘liked’ by google. Since I have time on my hands, and since I find this study quite interesting and challenging, I make a point of observing which websites in our field are doing well on search, and I try to figure out the reasons why. Our… Read more »

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