Have you seen ‘Wild Wild Country’ – the Netflix 6-part documentary?   I strongly recommend that you watch it because it is fascinating entertainment.   It tells the story of the community of followers of the controversial Indian guru, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, (later called Osho – he of the 99 Rolls Royces) who I have mentioned in several articles on this website, specifically here and here and  here , because his followers were really the original creators of tantric massage.   Rajneesh began giving talks on sex and spirituality in India in the 1960’s. Many young, educated and often affluent westerners were attracted to his teachings and he became well-known in the west in the 1970’s. By 1981, his followers had  outgrown their ashram in Pune, India and had become very unpopular there. So they decided to set themselves up elsewhere and bought a stretch of approximately 64,000 acres of farmland – Big Muddy Ranch,  in rural Oregon, USA – in a tiny town of less than 60 conservative retirees,  called Antelope.   The Directors of Wild Wild Country have managed to obtain 250+ hours of footage and extensive new interviews of both ex-Rajneeshees and the  conservative Oregonians who lived… Read more »

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