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This is taken from an article in Huffington Post entitled 10 spiritually transmitted diseases by Mariana Caplan.

Those who have been reading the articles in my blog will be aware of my thoughts on developments in the world of tantric massage and spirituality in general, so you may recognise that the thoughts expressed by Mariana Caplan on the subject of spiritually transmitted diseases are totally after my own heart.

I wont quote her article word for word, but will include the points which stand out.

Faux Spritituality

The tendency to talk,dress and act as we imagine a spiritual person would. A kind of imitation spirituality..

Confused Motivations

Although our desire to grow is genuine and pure, it often gets mixed with the wish to be loved, the desire to belong, the need to fill our inner emptiness, the belief that the spiritual path will remove our suffering…..

Identifying with Spiritual Experiences

The ego identifies with spiritual experiences and takes them as its own.

The Spiritualized Ego

When the ego becomes spiritualized, we become ‘bullet-proof’ and invulnerable to help,new input or constructive feedback.

Mass Production of Spritual Teachers

No need to say more on this one.

Spiritual Pride

A feeling of ‘spiritual superiority’..I am better, more wise, above others……

Group Mind

Also described as group think, cultic mentality or ashram disease. Contains many elements of traditional co-dependence.

The Chosen-People Complex

Our group is more spiritually evolved, powerful, enlightened and better than any other group.

The Deadly Virus:”I have arrived”

The belief that I have arrived at the final goal of the spiritual path – and further growth ceases.

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