shakti au revoir

Shakti will be with us for one more week

and she will then go abroad to continue her studies.

She has been with us for over 3 years, and we wish her well. We hope that she will continue to visit and work with us during her holidays so do keep an eye out for our Schedule as we will post her name as and when she visits.

Several of our masseuses have Sanskrit names. This is customary in India, and helps to remember the quality for which each god or goddess is known.

Shakti personifies the Goddess, the ┬ádivine feminine creative power – the dynamic force of the universe. Shakti is the power, drive and force within a person.

During our massages, we often play the CD of the 108 names of the Goddess because in traditional Tantra, worship of Shakti, or Mother Divine, is an integral part of the practices. This is not the maternal aspect of the mother, but the powerful energy which lies at our deepest level of awareness.

All this is quite alien to our western culture, which may be one reason why there is so much wrong understanding of the original tantric teachings.

Shakti is the left half of Shiva. There is no Shiva without Shakti. Shiva is the Creator and Shakti is the creative force.

This is Tantra philosophy, and if you are interested in furthering your understanding, you might like to read David Frawley’s latest article on his website, entitled ‘Shiva and Shakti Yoga’.

Yoga means union and ‘all yoga is ultimately Shiva-Shakti yoga. Shiva and Shakti are present together in every aspect of existence… Once we recognise this, all life becomes Yoga for us.’

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