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Sensual Massage forums are used by several of our male clients

Sometimes that is how they find about us in the first place.

Personally, I was totally surprised when I first discovered that these forums exist and that their ‘raison d’etre’ is to enable punters to share information about the various sensual massage providers that they have visited.

I have always felt that a tantric massage session is a personal, private and intimate experience. So it came as a shock to discover that intimate details of the massage were being discussed on an online forum and that personal remarks were being made about me, my surroundings and the masseuses who work here.

I discovered that some men enjoy this form of ‘male bonding’ –  the transparency and communication and sharing of feedback. There seemed to be an anonymous online camaraderie and a desire to communicate intimate details and to steer other members away from providers who did not live up to their standards – a genuine desire to be helpful to one another. The conversations sometimes become unpleasant and even gross and they often use their own acronyms. Male egos are on full display. I suspect this may be an anglo-saxon thing, but I may be wrong.

There is a forum called FBSM which stands out from the rest. On that forum, masseuses who are providers of sensual massage can also join in the discussion and  share their point of view. There is even a special thread  there for masseuses to chat with one another privately and to share issues which they may have in common. FBSM is by far the more pleasant of the forums and in my opinon this is because there is a female contribution. It provides a welcome balance. And though many of the male members would probably prefer it to be an all male forum, you tend not to find the same abusive and misogyinistic type of attitude on there that you do on other uk forums where women’s views are disregarded or not respected.

The majority of women in the real world are most probably not aware that sensual massage for men is as popular and widespread as it is. And although husbands usually manage to keep these activities secret, it must come as a shock when wives do discover that their husband visits a sensual masseuse – quite apart from the fact that he also openly discusses his experience of what he calls his ‘hobby’ on online forums.

I have seen discussions on Mumsnet where women are horrified to find out what their husbands are up to.

There was an article in The Times a year ago, which suggested that women might enjoy services providing happy endings for them too, and maybe ‘happy endings’ would not be so shocking if all our friends were having them too – rather like botox….!

But after some research, the author discovered that the majority of women did not feel that they should have to pay for sexual gratification, as they could easily get it without paying.

Even the sexually enlightened Sam Roddick of Coco de Mer was not keen:
“Tantric massage is one thing – it has philosophy, methods and it is an empowered situation….
I can’t imagine other instances where either client or practitioner isn’t being exploited……”

The article ends with the remark: ” Women, there’s a lot of free sex out there. Why would you want to pay for it?”

We do get women coming to us for tantric massage and tuition

as opposed to sensual massage. Their motivation is usually to improve their sex life and heal past hurts. Sometimes they also come because they are feeling sexually frustrated. But the sensual lives of women will always be different, because they tend to be more complex than men in that regard.

I doubt that women would want to share their experiences on a public sensual massage forum, but you never know…… Maybe a forward thinking entrepreneur will set one up one day. It might even become a great success!

3 Responses to “Sensual Massage Forums”

  1. Ben Feema

    I’ve always found d it a little odd that people want to chat about their experiences online and the whole review system on all these sites can easily degenerate into clear objectification. They do provide some sort of function though to ensure safety of everyone involved. And hey, this is the internet. People seem willing to share anything and everything!

  2. Toma

    In most cases women look for healing therapy. Very often women have problems with sensitivity or painful sensations after the birth of a child or/and operation. Sexual abuse, emotional traumas, stress and suppressed emotions cause sensitivity loss as well. It is not necessary to have really big trauma to loose sensitivity. Very often it happens because of unhealthy sexual habbits.

    And it is not in a habbit of women to discuss such things due to the public disapproval. Like, look, there is a woman of easy virtue! How dare she talk about such things.

    I know about this because I suffered it as well. Then I came to tantra massage studio in Oslo named Sunrise Studio and they really helped me with this issue. Well, I only started this transformation but nevertheless.


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