Pleasure in a pandemic

Our last blog we highlighted Celestes tantric tuition sessions that can focus on learning about self pleasure. Regardless if you’re in a relationship or not – expanding your knowledge about your own sexuality and being inspired to be creative and curious about our own body is a life skill that here at Tantric Massage London we think should be valued. Tantric massage tuition sessions can be a great way to get support in your own self discovery journey.

Celeste answers a few questions about self pleasure below:


How do you Masturbate:

There are loads of different ways to masturbate! Usually it involves touching our genitals and erogenous zones in a pleasurable way – this can look very different on different people. The great thing about masturbation is that you can try ALL the things and ways that you find curious – its free and is the ultimate way of self loving. Ideally setting aside time that you won’t be interrupted and can be relaxed to explore your body and find out what you like.


How often should you masturbate?:

Different people will have different levels of feeling inspired to masturbate – hormone changes, libido fluctuations, stress levels etc

I don’t think there is no right or wrong amount of masturbation if you’re not causing harm to yourself or those around you! Sometimes my clients worry they’re doing it ‘too much’ or ‘too little’ generally if we think we’re doing too little or too much of something we usually know the answer if we want to ask ourselves. It might be that we’re procrastinating or avoiding dealing with something – it can be helpful to ask ourselves the question ‘what would my ideal masturbation practice look like?’


Is masturbation good for you?

Absolutely! It’s great for relaxation, self regulation, self love, generating happy hormones and releasing endorphins!

Generally no one teaches us how to touch ourselves so we usually learn to do it in secret, quickly, quietly so with lots of tension and sometimes with shame which isn’t a great way to learn to be sexual and can create issues when we have sexual relationships with others. In our sexualised society we find we know how to ‘get the sex’ but once we’re ‘in the sex’  we struggle to have real pleasure and tend to be more in our heads and in performative modes with loads of self pressure to please. If we can learn how to enjoy self pleasure and celebrate our bodies we can feel our own bodies at a deeper level without pressure, without expectations and expand and deepen our own pleasure potential.





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