search engine optimisation for tantric massage london

Since I no longer practice massage these days, I spend a lot of my time on admin type work, which includes research on search engine optimisation for tantric massage london.


What that means is figuring out how google rewards websites by placing them at the top of search for a particular phrase or word. Naturally every website wants to be found by as many people as possible who may be interested in their services.

In the field of tantric/sensual/erotic massage there is a huge amount of competition nowadays, not to mention all the escorts who have taken to labelling themselves as tantric massage agencies.

Google are said to have their own algorithms to help them figure out how relevant a website may be. Since this is a secret algorithm, many SEO companies have been created specifically to make a living out of advising clients on how to create websites which will be ‘liked’ by google.

Since I have time on my hands, and since I find this study quite interesting and challenging, I make a point of observing which websites in our field are doing well on search, and I try to figure out the reasons why.

Our field is rather specialised. Tantric massage is considered by Google to be part of the Adult Industry. So in the field of search, it gets lumped together with sensual massage, erotic massage and escorts disguising themselves as tantric masseuses.

One thing I have discovered lately is that many websites which seem to be doing well on search optimisation for tantric massage london are the ones that post beautiful large photos of topless girls or semi-pornographic videos with erotic imagery. I can only conclude that they get dozens of men clicking on the photos over and over again, to enjoy the turn-on.

Whether the photos are genuine photos of the available masseuses is neither here nor there. In fact, the chances are that they are not- it is easy to post any stock photo nowadays and that is what many websites are doing to attract clients.

So the truth is, in the field of tantric massage anyway, that Google’s search for the perfect formula, has led to even more cunning, deception, and manipulation. What a pity!

Hopefully the existing handful of genuine practitioners are also doing well because the truly excellent services are usually recommended by word of mouth.

4 Responses to “Search Engine Optimisation for Tantric Massage London”

  1. Ben

    I can find myself obsessed with google rankings and have businesses in several different areas, food, recruitment and now adult. It seems arcane to me that Google can decide the fate of a business without any recourse and without the need to explain itself. With 90% of the search market, they are the judge, jury and executioner.

    As you say, pictures of titties may help. Men do like titties but from my research, despite what they say, link profile is still the most important factor.
    I use Ahrefs to check and its very good, I’d recommend it if you are interested in this sort of thing.
    Anyway, you’ve got a nice site, with classy imagery and it is clearly a useful resource for those searching for proper tantric massage. In the end, that should be enough to keep uncle Google happy.

    • Eva

      Thank you Ben. It is true that ‘Uncle Google’ seems to be liking us at the moment….. I hope he will continue to like us!!!

  2. arun

    Eva there are of course the few of us who care not for titillation as much as deeper infatuations………the seeking of that bliss that does not go away from that which is seemingly ephemeral……
    anyway you are an institution and an oases within the desert sand………so keep up the blissful work
    we remain grateful


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