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Punting Forums


or  Sex Forums, are portrayed in Jane Champion’s new BBC drama called Top of the Lake – China Girl. Have you been watching it? I highly recommend it.


Apparently, Jane Champion did a lot of research into brothels and the sex trade and she actually managed to get into a brothel, which is not an easy thing for a woman to do.


I was struck also by her portrayal of a punting forum – a group of men sitting in a cafe, with their laptops open, discussing their experiences of various prostitutes they had been visiting  in one particular brothel.


As I mentioned in my earlier blog article on sensual massage forums, this bonding among men on punting forums, where they share information on the sensual/sexual services they have been receiving, came as a shock to me when I first found out about their existence. To my knowledge, this is the first time that punting forums have been portrayed so openly and honestly in a movie.


The Guardian describes them as follows:

‘… and the ghastly porn-surfing bros who congregate at a cafe with their laptops, harassing the waitress and cackling over their exchanges with local prostitutes…….’   ‘ a group of keyboard warriors use their lunch break to rate sex workers on a website, demeaning them with every foul sentence they utter.’


A lot of the movie is about misogyny, and men’s attitudes to women.


And this misogyny is precisely one of the things that our tantric massage tries to counter. To give male clients a different kind of experience. A deeper sensual satisfaction, which combines empathy, understanding ,, communication and a deeper connection with their own  body/mind/spirit. An inkling of a sensual/sexual experience with a partner which is at an entirely different level.


Of course, this is not what all clients are looking for. Just today, we received a request from a new client asking for a ‘tantric experience’ – but he made the point that he had been to other tantric practitioners, but he wanted a much more ‘intense’  tantric experience.

Im not too sure what he meant by more intense, and I suspect that he did not know either.


This is quite typical of many emails we receive….. Clients talk of ‘intensity’ ‘reciprocal’ touching, ‘tie and tease’ etc, but then put all these desires under the label of ‘tantric’.When in truth, what they are really looking for is a raunchy sensual/sexual experience, which stops just  short of sex, as they are often married, and don’t want to feel guilty about cheating on their wife.


This miscommunication  is, in part, their fault, for not analysing their desires clearly, and also in part the fault of the numerous so-called tantric agencies, whose masseuses are displayed in scant underwear, and who websites are no different to prostitute websites and give out the idea that tantra means raunch.


Maybe the so-called ‘tantric scene’ mirrors everything else that is currently going on in society, and the growing inability to differentiate between fact and fiction in the news and elsewhere. We are living in a  society,which is beoming more and more  neurotic and dysfunctional,  but here at tantric massage London, we are determined to  maintain the level we set ourselves right at the start – to provide tantric massage in the true spirit of tantra.

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