Have you heard of Orgasmic Meditation or OM for short?

It was mentioned to us by one of our female clients.
Orgasmic Meditation is taught by an organisation based in the US but there seems
to be a branch in London also.

The whole idea of Orgasmic Meditation is to slow down, which is something we have written about in previous articles here

According to their website, it is something you practice with a
partner and it is equally powerful for both partners – the object of
focus for both partners is the clitoris.

They say that the practice strips away more and more layers of conditioning, fear and ..personality, so that the most tender parts of ourselves can touch the world.

The website also contains intriguing articles on subjects like:
‘Why Men like Porn and Women like Vibrators’
which states that for both men and women there is a quality of hunger
that is unmet, an itch that is not getting scratched.

Orgasmic Meditation hold courses in the US and there are also meetings in London on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

In the US, there are also advanced Orgasmic Meditation classes where ‘you will peak behind the curtain of the stroker and the strokee’ and each student will receive individualized instruction.

There is also an online shop where you can buy products such as the t-shirts we have pictured above, and products like ‘OneStroke Lube’
which is designed specifically for Orgasmic Meditation.

The UK website is: http://www.turnonbritain.co.uk


2 Responses to “Orgasmic Meditation”

  1. martha

    I am trying to find some One Stroke Lube to buy and I can only find it on US website with huge shipping and tax costs. Do you sell it or could you point me in the direction to buy it from a UK website.

    Thanks so much,

  2. Eva Evan

    Hi, I am not connected with that organisation, but why dont you buy some lube from somewhere in London – Im sure any of the sex toy providers would have some – not the brand you are looking for, but some other brand might be just as good.


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