She has been developing her own body work and massage methods for the past 3 years.

With a background in art and design, she is a creative soul and loves to adventure into the world and learn as much about life as she can and incorporate her learnings into her methodology.

River has been teaching groups for the past 5 years and coaching individuals inspiring a deeper sense of relaxation, intimacy, sensuality, empowerment and healing in themselves and the outer world.

She has trained in Tantra massage in the UK and has the ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage Level 3 and also  Arvigo Mayan Abdominal Massage.

What draws River to sensual massage is that she feels she can express her love, passion and sensitivity through her hands and physical touch, which in her opinion is the most direct form of love and affection.

She likes for her personality – affectionate, relaxed, creative, passionate and deep, like a river, – to be reflected in how she uses touch.

She enjoys being close to nature and lives a wholistic lifestyle – taking good care of her own mental, spiritual and physical well being.

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