This map of the vagina is for your convenience

Vaginas are a source of mystery and fascination to most men.
Questions about vaginas, the location of the clitoris, what women like and dont like, are questions which are often asked in our tantric tuition sessions.

At first, clients can be hesitant or embarrassed to ask the questions they really want to ask, feeling that they should probably know the answers. They feel that at their age, they
should have learned whatever there is to know. However women’s bodies are a mystery, even to women themselves. So it is not surprising that there is often a lack of open communication amongst couples.

Maybe it is easier to discuss these things with a person who is neutral and non-judgmental, and experienced enough to be able to answer any question about a woman’s anatomy, and what most women like and do not like.

Celeste offers tantric tuition sesssions at our beautiful studio in Kensington on mondays and tuesdays. She will be available on December 8, 9 , 15 and 16, before she goes away for one month at Christmas. She will be back in the New Year, on Monday January 19th.

Why not give yourself a unique and different Xmas treat – a tantric tuition session, which will provide pleasure and enjoyment not only to you, but ultimately also to a partner.

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