ramana maharshi

ramana maharshi


To talk about tantra without mentioning meditation, is to misunderstand tantra completely

Yet how many so-called tantric practitioners really practice meditation? Some people are naturally endowed with less busy minds than others, but all the great sages of the past achieved the states of higher peace through many many years of meditation. And it is thanks to their experiences which have often been described and recorded, that we can get a hint on what meditation truly is.

Question:   What should one think of when meditating?

Ramana Maharshi:

What is meditation? It is the suspension of thoughts. You are perturbed by thoughts which rush one after another. Hold on to one thought so that others are expelled. Continuous practice gives the necessary strength of mind to engage in meditation. Meditation differs according to the degree of advancement of the seeker. 

If one is fit for it one can hold directly to the thinker; and the thinker will automatically sink into his source, which is Pure Consciousness. If one cannot directly hold on to the thinker, one must meditate on God; and in due course the same individual will have become sufficiently pure to hold on to the thinker and sink into the absolute Being.



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  1. arun

    very interesting posts eva……….swami vivekananda’s guru ramakrishna paramahansa was a tantric adept who learnt from bhairavi devi an exceptional tantric dakini……..and in meditation holding one thought that is the ultimate goal………..


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