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One of our most popular sessions recently, has been the Tantric Massage Tuition session

You learn to sensually awaken one another and we teach you how to give a sensual tantric massage to a partner.

Many women feel unfulfilled because of a lack of real intimacy with their partner –  their sex lives have become repetitive and routine, but often, they do not communicate or  discuss it with their man, either because of their own insecurity and lack of self-confidence, or  because they dont dare to hope for anything better, and may be afraid of offending him.

The same is true for men. They often say that they love their wife, but feel a split between being turned on and actually feeling love. They want to experience love while making love to their wife.

In order to pleasure our partner, we need to know how to pleasure ourself. Our conditioning teaches us that we should always think about the other person, and that it is selfish to just think about ourself. But one of the secrets of better lovemaking is to be totally present, in the moment, and to focus on what feels good to oneself. If both partners are able to do this, they will find that they are connecting in a far deeper, more loving, intimate, soulful and  meaningful way and their lovemaking will be transformed.

It is encouraging to see that men are becoming more and more pro-active, and booking sessions where they can discuss these issues with us and  learn how to truly pleasure their partner  and practice  on one of our masseuses, if their wife is not ready or willing to come along. Women, and also couples, are becoming braver and more open,  and showing more interest in learning how to overcome the barriers between them . It is often easier for people to come to our studio, and communicate here, rather than in their home environment. They learn how to give one another a sensual tantric massage and   discover and reveal to one another,  sometimes for the first time, what really turns them on and what doesnt.

There is a wonderful book which I highly recommend to all couples. It is called: ‘BEYOND TANTRA – Healing though Taoist Sacred Sex ‘ by Mieke and Stephan Wik published by Findhorn Press. Here is a short extract from the book : ‘When Mieke and I started to talk about our beliefs, I discovered, much to my surprise, that she really did like sex. I also found out that she was quite frustrated that I was so goal-oriented and couldnt just relax enough to give her time to warm up a bit, since I was so worried about getting her excited. Once I finally heard and understood this, we both realized that we did have some common understanding to work with. So a bit of communication made a huge difference when we finally got around to it.’

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