A tantric massage is a form of massage that focuses on stimulating the whole body, not just the erogenous zones, in order to create a deeper sense of relaxation and connection. While sensual and Nuru massages may also involve the use of touch and intimacy, tantric massage goes beyond the physical and aims to integrate the mind, body, and spirit.

In a tantric massage, the therapist will use a variety of techniques to help you relax and become more present in the moment. These may include deep breathing exercises, meditation, and visualisation. The massage itself typically involves long, slow strokes that are designed to awaken your senses and increase your awareness of your body.

Unlike some other forms of massage, a tantric massage does not necessarily involve sexual activity or orgasm. Instead, the focus is on building a deeper connection with yourself and with the therapist, which can help you feel more centred, grounded, and at ease in your daily life.

Overall, a tantric massage is a holistic and integrative approach to massage that seeks to promote relaxation, pleasure, and spiritual growth. While it may share some similarities with other types of sensual massage, the emphasis on mindfulness, presence, and non-judgmental awareness make it a unique and powerful experience.


Nuru massage:

Nuru massage uses Nuru gel – a cooler form of gel type lubricant traditionally made from seaweed that makes it super slippery to glide around on. Most Nuru massage is performed on an inflatable mat and the emphasis is more on body gliding rather than any form of deeper massage techniques. It involves both the masseuse and client to be fully naked and focuses on sexual arousal and orgasm.


Sensual massage:

Erotic massage, happy ending massage, body2body massage can all focus on sexual arousal and orgasm being the intention of the massage. Which is great and fun and healthy! Usually carried out with oil either on a massage table or bed.

Our tantric massages at Tantric Massage London incorporate some of these elements into our sessions. The main difference is that many of our clients want to experience something deeper and to be more of a regular, ongoing support practice for their overall well being. What they experience and learn in our tantric massage helps them in their daily lives and how they connect with their own body and others.

This is not to say tantric massage is ‘better’ than other types but it comes down to the actual intention of the client and the connection and skill of the masseuse to support those intentions.

For example many of our male clients want to experience more full bodied orgasms and learn to have more choice around when they ejaculate and learn how to have longer laster erections. During a tantric massage our skilled practitioners can guide men to to notice what distractions, thoughts, tensions and habits go on during their arousal so they can become aware of these patterns in a safe non judgemental way. Particularly in a non ‘high stakes’ type of situation when they’re not in the middle of having sex and trying to perform or please their partner(s). This experience can help guide them to understand their own bodies in a deeper way and realise where they might need help in overcoming certain issues. A tantric tuition session or signing up to one of the packages carried out by our main therapist Celeste has supported many clients to overcome many obstacles and issues that they would not have had the courage to seek out help from other types of therapies. Trust and communication is a vital element to be able to feel safe in a vulnerable state to be open enough to learn about how your body can release old patterns and explore new ones in a practical way. More about tuition and packages in our other blogs here.


In summary our interpretation of a tantric massage provides the space for you to explore your erotic potential in a way that suits you. Our masseuse’s like to get to know their clients so they can guide and tailor the sessions to suit the individual – be it through guided meditation, breathing techniques, talking, tuition and learning about sacred touch, sex and masturbation in a new way that can support the expansion of sexual energy in a way that works for them no matter what journey they are on. Tantric massage can be a great way to support your own spiritual journey. Were many spiritual practices omit the guidance of how to channel or even approach your sexual self, tantric massage can be a way to explore and integrate other spiritual practices resulting in a more fully expressed and holistic approach.


In saying that – tantric massage doesn’t have to be deep or spiritual at all! Some of our clients just want to enjoy our sessions and relax without any chat or guidance. We fully respect this and always encourage clients to communicate their preferences at the beginning of the session.





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