introduction to tantra


Mention Tantra and most people think of having sex for hours ‘a la Sting’.


An introduction to tantra on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop has been published. So now another famous celebrity has added her name to the practitioners of Tantra. Or at least she has published an article on Tantra on her website: ‘Goop’.


I was attracted by an article which stated:

‘Gwyneth Paltrow has shocked followers of her lifestyle website Goop by posting an introduction to ‘tantric’ sex.’


However, this is not entirely true.

The article is written by Michaela Boehm, who teaches seminars on Tantra. It is written mainly in a Question- Answer format. Naturally, she is talking about neo-tantra, although she doesn’t mention the term, and seems to have little interest in traditional Tantra. But intriguingly, she does say:

In reality, only a small portion of Tantra has anything to do with sex, and only as a way to merge with the divine.”


She is really interested in helping to improve people’s relationships, problems with intimacy, getting in touch with the masculine or feminine part within us and gives ‘ten tips for creating wild passion and deep intimacy


The author goes into quite a lot of detail regarding how relationships become stale. She suggests various breathing and relaxation techniques, because stress is a ‘passion killer.’
She also encourages ‘heart to heart’ connection with one’s partner and being adventurous, and not letting things become routine.


It is a long article, and you may have heard all this before. For those who are interested, you can read it in its entirety on Goop. It is in the section BE of the website.


I wonder whether Gwynneth Paltrow has attended one of Michaela’ Workshops ! The mind boggles !

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