hard on in public

Getting a hard on in public is a very male problem


This article is taken from the blog of Ruby Jane May, with thanks to her and to Drew Larson who drew our attention to it.


“Coming out: my love of public hard ons.”


“There is something about this article that touches me. Male desire is generally something that is boasted about. The more potent you are, the more of a man you are.


Unless of course it comes at an inappropriate time or place. There is something about the volatility of arousal and our inability to control it, that gives the publicly aroused man a sense of vulnerability – not something usually associated with male sexuality.


Virile easily tips into a sense of being ‘perverted’. Pride into embarrassment.


As a woman, observing these images and taking the time to slowly absorb their content, I enjoy the desire they evoke in me. By admiring these delightful displays of obstinate arousal and the interplay between pride and shame, ‘objectifying’ them to an extent, the tables are turned.”


What do you think?


I wonder how many women think and sympathise with men over this issue of a hard on in public and the effect that it may have.


It  is an issue that comes up in our tantric massage sessions, and many men have expressed to me their anxiety when, in the course of a ‘straight’ massage in a salon, they get a hard on which they are unable to control, sometimes creating a feeling of uncomfortableness with the masseuse in the salon.
That is one of the reasons they are more comfortable coming for a tantric massage, as they know that they can just let go totally.


Of course, for some men, the lack of a hard on is also an issue…. But here, at tantric massage london, these are quite common occurrences.. Everyone is accepted as they are, and we try to work and help with any issues which may arise.

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