Yesterday was Tara’s last day with us. She has decided to move on, and will no longer be practicing tantric massage.

We will all miss Tara’s bright smile and radiant personality. I will always remember when she joined us two years ago. At that time, she had no experience of massage at all, but somehow I decided to take her on because she had a special quality about her. Since then, she enrolled on several massage courses and trainings, and has become one of our most popular masseuses.
She has her own brand of common sense and a quality of taking
interest in others and wanting to make others feel good – one might call it ‘spirit’, which is quite unique.

We received the following email this morning from one of our regular clients:

‘Just wanted to say my session with Tara yesterday was in a par with one of Celeste’s …..It left my face and fingers tingling as tho they were literally vibrating.’

We all wish Tara lots of luck and happiness in her new life. She certainly deserves it.

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