Getting in touch with your feminine side has become a sort of truism.

In modern times,there have been many ways of describing the union of Shiva and Shakti…. terms like yin and yang, getting in touch with your feminine side, metrosexual have all become popular at various periods during the past 40 years or so.

In the 60’s, we saw the beginning of a subconscious mood amongst men to start trying to appear less macho –  the Rolling Stones would perform on stage with makeup, wearing flamboyant, feminine blouses … they would be followed in the 70’s by David Bowie’s androgynous alter ego Ziggy Stardust. In the 80’s Alice Cooper recorded the song: ‘ In Touch with your Feminine Side. And in the 90’s the term ‘metrosexual’ man became popular – but all this experimentation  also had a certain superficial,  materialistic and commercial side.

Below   is a 1960’s  Rolling Stones recording of ‘Angie’. It was the days of ‘Flower Power’ and they are all holding roses, and look quite androgynous, singing a love song to Angie.

The 2nd picture  illustrates  and beautifully explains the true symbolism of Shiva and Shakti , which is far deeper and more far-reaching. It reveals how Tantra can be seen as the union of the masculine and the feminine not only within ourself, but within the entire universe – and in truth, is the experience of Universal Love or  Divinity within us all.


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