female orgasm

The female orgasm is the subject of of the first video in a new Guardian series of videos.

Psychotherapist and agony aunt, Philippa Perry, who is married to the cross-dressing artist
Grayson Perry (see picture above) . responds to a woman who is suffering from anorgasmia and doesn’t want to resort to faking it in her new relationship.
You can watch the video on the Guardian website:


In summary, Philippa Perry tells the questioner that 1 in 15 women dont have orgasms. It annoys her that  our culture has made it into this big enormous thing that women actually  feel ashamed when they dont have an orgasm.

Orgasms are not the ultimate signifier of a fulfilling sexual relationship. What makes a good relationship is not all about orgasms – it’s about how open you can be with each other – sharing on a deep level……..In general,the standard advice  for inability to reach orgasm, is to try masturbation – knowing how to please yourself is  a good first step………



female orgasm

Ladies Come First

is the brainchild of two sisters in their twenties, Sophie and Alice Holloway. They are the young founders of Holloway Smith Noir, a lingerie collection. Female fun is their passion and it is through their business that they came up with the idea of creating the ‘Guide to Female Orgasm’ after meeting hundreds of women who struggled in that area.

They believe that sexual education should begin at a young age and are targeting first year students at university.  The sisters are crowdfunding their guide and plan to visit UK universities to reach as many young women as possible. “They are at the age where they are starting to become sexually active and ….. with the right information, they can have a great experience.”

“Only about 30% of women have orgasms from intercourse,” says Sophie. …. “We want to give young women confidence to recognise the wrong guy to have sex with… we want to be a force for men to be proud of giving women pleasure…”. the sisters are keen for the guide to be read by men as well as women……. “Hollywood gives off this idea that we should all be Jedi mind readers and no one should talk during sex ….Its something which begins in schools where children are taught about procreation….. Female orgasms are rarely explained, but male ones are because of their relevance to reproduction….. men have all the tools to understand theirs and we don’t.”



female orgasm
We agree whole heartedly with all the views expressed above. For women who would like to explore their sensuality in a practical way, and in a  safe place, Celeste offers tantric tuition sessions for women on Mondays and Tuesdays. There are several articles on this subject on our blog :

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