Eva – Tantric Massage London

Eva at Tantric Massage London

Eva has now retired and handed the website over to Celeste and Jessica to run, if you would like to get in touch with her please email or message through the contact page and Jessica will be sure to pass it on.

Has trained and qualified in various forms of massage, tantra and tao in the USA, India,Thailand and England. Eva’s tantric massage practice was one of the first to open in London.
It has been in existence at the same location in Kensington since 1992.


She no longer practices massage herself, but  is always available for a chat about tantra or meditation or any other matters

Clients do write to her with questions and she does always like to ensure that all our clients feel comfortable, and free to ask anything which is on their mind. She tries to ensure that all their questions are answered.

Eva writes the articles on our blog and trains the younger masseuses here at  Tantric Massage  London in Kensington.
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Meditation and yoga have been a major part of Eva’s life for over 40 years and during that time she has studied under, and been initiated by several great teachers from the Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi and Taoist traditions.
She has lived in the USA for many years and has personally experienced the years of the ‘growth movement’ in California and in India.
In California, she received initiation on a one to one basis,with a Malaysian Taoist master. These teachings are normally secret and rarely imparted or truly understood in the West.
Eva  has also studied various branches of transpersonal and humanistic psychology and  qualified in co-counselling and the Fischer- Hoffman Process .


All this forms the backbone of our tantric massage practice.
Eva has had  many years of experience of blending  the teachings of the East, with an understanding of how they have been applied to our Western background.

We are therefore able to offer a practice which is based on a deeper understanding of the basic philosophy and which is free of gimmicks and has honesty, integrity and clarity.

It provides a breath of fresh air in London, where there is a growing lack of integrity in this industry,

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