elusive orgasm

Women’s orgasms are very different to those of men, and have been a mystery to men and women alike.

Tantric massage is not supposed to concentrate on genital orgasm, but on  experiencing the powerful feelings of energy and bliss which circulate in the body,accompanying sensual arousal,  and which can lead to total body orgasm.

However, today in the age of communication, more and more books and articles are being written about various aspects of  the female orgasm.

Below we describe 3 different ways of helping women to achieve orgasm – the traditional way – via a new app -and a new medical invention.

Does this sound familiar:
MAN: Finally gets to go downtown and fumbles to get his hand where it counts.
MAN: Starts random up-and-down or circular motion, hoping to God he can hit the spot and not be surprised.
WOMAN: Moans and man thinks he’s doing well. WOMAN: Stops moaning.
MAN: Shifts technique or goes into overdrive, and woman asks him to slow down.
MAN: Slows down. Five seconds of mild positive response later, nothing.
MAN: Feels like a dog trying to open a door with no thumbs.
WOMAN: Gently stops his increasingly erratic attack after 10 minutes.
Best case scenario, they move on to something the man can understand – penis in vagina.

Most men admit they’re not fans of asking for directions. But they’ll happily read a manual – especially one that tells them how to make you orgasm in a new way. US author Timothy Ferris has come up with a book called ‘The Four Hour Body’ where he explains his ‘One Taste Method’.

This technique requires 15 minutes of 100 per cent concentration on approximately three square millimetres of contact. Nothing more. Test this and practise it with your partner. Apparently,the pay-off will alter your sexual experience forever.

NO PRESSURE Remind each other that this is a goal-less practice. There is no objective, just a focus on a single point of contact. This should remove all expectations and pressure. He is going to touch you for 15 minutes. You don’t need to do anything. The only focus should be on the short stroke just as the emphasis would be on the breath in most forms of meditation. View it as an exercise in mindful awareness. And the more you focus, the greater your satisfaction.

ASSUME THE POSITION Its time to get naked. Lie on your back and bend and move your legs apart

1/ Separate the labia.
2/ Gently retract the clitoral hood upwards with the heel of his palm.
3/ Anchor the clitoris with his right thumb by holding the hood back.
4/ Get him to put his left hand under your bum, with two fingers under each cheek, and his thumb resting on, not in, the base of the entrance to the vagina. Doing this acts as an anchor and help you feel more relaxed.

Now comes the important part: finding the “upper quadrant” of your clitoris, which is a tiny area crammed with thousands of nerve endings. Tell your partner to imagine he’s looking directly at your clitoris from between your legs, with the top of the clitoris as 12 on a clock face. Get him to find one o’clock – ideally a small indentation or pocket between the hood and your clitoris – with his index finger and begin stroking using the lightest touch possible and only 1.5mm or so of movement. The tip of his finger is better than the pad. Have him stroke at a constant speed for periods of two to three minutes – it’s OK to change speed between periods.

5/  Once 15 minutes are up, end with “grounding”. easing you out of the experience, which conveniently avoids fixation on having a full-blown orgasm as closure. Get him to put pressure down on your pubic bone and up towards your head, using overlapping hands. You dictate the pressure. Most women find the strongest pressure the most pleasurable. You may find you want to have sex now.

elusive orgasm


New App Makes Users Lick Their Screens To Learn How To Go down on Girls


In our digital age, there are also some novel approaches to the issue of the female orgasm.

‘Lick This’ is an app which claims to help improve your cunnilingus technique. Designed by Pablo Rochat and the suitably named Chris Allick, Lick This is an app that helps you to improve your technique by slobbering on your touchscreen.

Rochat and Allick want to make people laugh and get them talking about technology and the human body. Tongues are wagging! But is Lick This indeed likely to make you a better lover or will you simply have spent half an hour on your own in your bedroom licking your phone?

For those who prefer the natural way, Lick This might seem an uncomfortable technological development. After all, if kids are now learning about sex from porn and cunnilingus techniques from Siri, what happens to the reality of the body and the intimacy of sexual discovery?

Our iPhones guide us through urban jungles, they help us hunt and gather our food, they even choose mates for us, so the new thinking is that there’s no reason they shouldn’t train us as lovers too.

Lick This provides three exercises – flicking a light switch, boinging a beach ball, and rotating the handle of a pencil sharpener – to train your soft palate in the arts of licky love. Flicking the switch helps you build an up-and-down rhythm, boinging the ball teaches you to work with a wriggling target, and I don’t really know what rotating the handle of a pencil sharpener is supposed to do other than cover your phone in saliva.



"Push once" button on orange background


Scientists build orgasm machine that delivers a climax at the push of a button

Anorgasmia is scarily common. It seems that 43 pecent of women and 31 percent of men are reported to experience an excessive amount of difficulty reaching orgasm. Ten to fifeen percent of women have never had an orgasm in their lives.

Now a machine has been built which claims to deliver orgasm at the push of a button. This is the work of a team led by North Carolina surgeon Stuart Meloy.

The machine is designed to be a medical implant which is a little smaller than a packet of cigarettes. It requires an operation and the patient needs to be awake during the surgery in order for the surgeons to find the best possible position for the electrodes.

Jim Pfaus , who studies the neurobiology of sexual behaviour at Concordia University told New Scientist that women will sign up regardless of how painful this procedure may be.

‘If young woman of 15 are having painful operations to enlarge their breasts….. are you kidding? Of course it will be used’ he said.

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