FAQs – do you offer mutual massage? Can I touch the masseuse?


This is a question we get asked many times – there are many reasons behind this question which is a completely normal response when considering having an intimate experience such as a tantric massage. In this blog we’ll explore the various reasons and responses that we talk about with our clients. A quick answer is try to have an open mind and be guided through the tantric massage by the masseuse rather than go with pre conceived ideas of what you would normally want or do in a sensual situation. We find that when clients can let go and be open to being guided by the expertise of the masseuse they have a much deeper, more profound tantric massage rather than trying to control or dictate the flow of the session.  We won’t shame or judge you for having certain desires or if you struggle to let go and relax. We always adapt to suit where you’re at and gently encourage and provide a unique and special experience where you have the opportunity to actually learn about your own sexual body. Surrendering, letting go and being open to be guided by the masseuse can allow a whole new dimension of understanding of your own body in a practical, spiritual and more holistic sense.  These life skills are rarely taught so we encourage those that want to learn more to really utilise our knowledge – we’ve seen and heard almost everything and can hold space for non judgemental listening if nothing else. Practical tools like breathing techniques, mindfulness, sensation focus has really helped many of our clients overcome many issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety and explore their full orgasmic potential.


Identify your intention:

Some examples of reasons as to why you want to touch during the tantric massage;

– Other masseuses offering sessions where you massage anywhere on their body at the same time they massage you

– Many people, particularly males find the idea of completely letting go and receiving unfamiliar. Men are usually initiating sex and sensual situations so the idea of surrendering into receiving pleasure passively can be challenging

– Many clients feel they ‘can’t control’ themselves around a naked woman

– Some feel guilty about only receiving and want to give back

– Some just want to connect

Our main answer first would be to check in with yourself as to what your intention really is

– did you have an experience elsewhere that you want to replicate with another masseuse?

– do you long to touch a naked woman’s body intimately or want to see a woman in pleasure?

– do you consider yourself only a giver and not needing to receive?

– do you only get aroused when you are giving or seeing a woman in pleasure?

– do you think it’ll be weird only receiving touch and not giving pleasure?



When you know the ‘why’ to your question that can help us facilitate and support your true desire. It is completely natural to want to connect and reach out – a tantric massage is an intimate and special experience. Being naked can mean being completely vulnerable to some people so light touching and reaching out can be reassuring and connecting. We invite you to be guided by the masseuse and check in with her first and have a chat before the massage session so she can understand your intentions and clearly state her boundaries. Communicating beforehand can help ease your own mind and clear your head of any questions you may have to help you relax into experiencing your own body. Many clients want to learn how to pleasure a woman or how to give a tantric massage – Celeste offers this in a tuition session .


We are happy to have a private confidential chat with you if you’re unsure about anything or have questions about a tantric massage session.


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  1. Maria

    Hi what I am interested in is being taught tantra for sexual use, meaning to understand my body and relax and stop worrying through sex. Is this possible ?


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