I have always felt that a good masseuse should practice hatha yoga

There is a definite connection between the two, and in fact, Thai massage is also known as ‘ the lazy man’s yoga’. Most of the tantric masseuses at Tantric Massage in Kensington do practice Hatha Yoga.

Now the Journal of Sexual Medicine has published a study stating that

‘ guys who practiced yoga for 12 weeks, tripled the length of time they lasted in bed – from 7.3 minutes to 22 minutes ‘

So hopefully this may prove to be an incentive to some of our clients, to join a hatha yoga class !!

Below is some basic information for those who may be considering joining a  yoga class for the first time:

‘Most yoga styles are rooted in Hatha yoga – it’s yoga’s physical discipline that focuses on developing control of the body through asana or poses. As well as physical well-being, Hatha yoga can also give you a mental boost. Its a great entry point for yoga ‘virgins’ as the moves are not too tricky.

You could then proceed to more advanced classes of Ashtanga yoga,  which is more fast paced and intense, Iyengar yoga wich focuses on body alignment, or Kundalini yoga which emphasises the breath and aims to free energy in the lower body, allowing it to move upwards.’

My interest in yoga began in the 1970’s when I joined a hatha yoga class at Sivananda Yoga – I would recommend this style to any beginner. It will help you get in touch with your own body in a deeper way, and help to calm the mind and deal with stress.

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