Holi Festival

I’m back to tantric massage london from my yearly visit to India

But I’m not feeling quite as energised and uplifted as I usually do.
I had a cough bug for 6 weeks before leaving London and finally succumbed to taking antibiotics. What I didnt realise is that you shouldnt go in the sun when on antibiotics as they make you over sensitive to the sun.

You cant really avoid the sun in India. March in particular is a really hot month. I would advise anyone thinking of going to India, to go between November and February, when its slightly cooler.  Anyway, the heat made me really uncomfortable, and the conditions in the ashram where I was staying, were pretty stark, so  all in all it was a bit of a challenge and a struggle .

I did spend a few days by the sea in Palolem, Goa, which is always lovely, and I left at the weekend of the Holi Festival.  Holi is celebrated on the full moon day in March. People paint their bodies and clothes in all manner of  tones, and it was a sight walking on the beach and seeing the play of colours –  both Indians and Westerners covered in strange shades of dyed powder.  A bonfire is usually lit on the eve of Holi and the day itself has many legends related to it – basically, it is a celebration of good over evil and there is an overall mood of humour, friendship and gaiety.

A visit to India is never complete for me without a massage

So I  treated myself to a kerala ayurvedic massage at one of the many massage sites which are located behind the beach. It was surprisingly good. It was nice to leave Goa on that note of  good humour and friendship.

On my stopover at Mumbai airport, I enjoyed a 90mn foot massage, which is available in the waiting lounge. There are, in fact, two foot massage salons at Mumbai airport. I remembered them from last year, and they were really busy, which shows how good they are. It was my final treat for myself. However, I was  happy to get back to my nice comfortable flat and to see all the masseuses at Tantric Massage London again, and very grateful for the comforts I am able to enjoy here.

2 Responses to “Back from India to Tantric Massage London in Kensington”

  1. arun

    Welcome back eva,

    sorry to hear about your ill health. Please recover it asap.

    And yes India is indeed magical at this time of the year


  2. Eva

    Thanks Arun,
    I am fine now – and we have sunshine in London too now, which is lovely….


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