Tantra Diary January -April 2019

tantra diary

  Our tantra diary January-April 2019 is set out below.   As I have mentioned before, I am taking a sort of semi-retirement, so I will not be available as much as in the past to answer the phone and respond to emails. However Jyoti and Veena will be here, and they will be handling the bookings as well as offering the massages. I decided that this would be preferable, rather than taking on someone new who would not be familiar with our way of working –  just in order to handle appointments. So please be aware that your phone calls and emails may not be answered as promptly, and dare I say, as efficiently, as in the past. However, hopefully, this will not be a problem, as long as you can have some understanding and patience. The masseuses will only answer the phone in between appointments, when they are free, so it would make things easier if you can contact them more by email, and preferably with as much advance notice as possible.   .    

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Secrets of True Tantra

true tantra

What is True Tantra? Here are some thoughts on this inspiring and beautiful subject. The male eternally searches for his female half, the “sakthi”, and the female searches for her masculine half, the “siva”, to complete the cosmic energy circle.. Some try to consummate it through “divine love”, some through “sacred sex”, some through “platonic companionship”- But always through an external relationship, an external partner- hoping it is the duty of “the other”- to give us pleasure, security, sense of belonging, or whatever it is we are continuously searching for.. Hence the anger, frustrations & accusations (and transient pleasure also) when this does not happen- in all these male-female relationships.. Until we internally realize the other half of our energy cycle, which we ourselves ultimately have to, for our inner fulfillment, this futile external search will go on, says Sri Tathata, quoting the sacred science of the tantra.. So in this sacred journey, internally surrender your ego- to your present partner, present relationship, present experience- But with full awareness, unconditional acceptance, total respect, and infinite love.. ..as a pathway to discover the absolute divine in us, and in each other.. Here is a story about Krsna and Radha, the eternal… Read more »

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Tantric Massage Appointments

tantric massage appointments

  There will be fewer tantric massage appointments available in November and December. During this period, Eva will be away until December 8, so do please be prepared to wait a little longer for answers to your emails and requests for tantric massage appointments.   Please read below: NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER We will be working 3 days per week: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Veena will be away and will return in January 2019. River will be working on Thursdays with Jyoti offering our special offer 4 hand massage for £150 per hr. Jyoti will be available on her own on Tuesdays and Fridays.     XMAS WEEK We will be closed on December 24,25,26. We will be open for 4-hand massage appointments on Thursday December 27 with Jyoti and River. We will be closed on Friday December 28, Monday December 31, Tuesday January 1 and Wednesday January 2. We will re-open on Thursday January 3 with Jyoti and Veena offering the 4-hand tantric massage special offer of £150 per hr. After that, in January, our schedule will be as follows: Monday: Veena Tuesday: Jyoti Wednesday: CLOSED Thursday: 4-hand massage with Veena and Jyoti Friday: Jyoti Thank you.

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Tantra Misconceptions

tantra misconceptions

    Tantra Misconceptions   an extremely interesting and well witten  article by David Frawley can be found on his website https://www.vedanet.com/tantra-and-its-misconceptions-reclaiming-the-essence-from-the-illusions/.   For those of you interested in understanding what tantra really is as opposed to tantra misconceptions, I highly recommend reading it.   It is very hot in London today, and I do not have the energy to write an article on the subject myself, but I will quote here some of the main paragraphs.   The Allure of Tantra Perhaps nothing is more exotic, dramatic and sensational in India’s Yoga traditions than is the practice of Tantra. No other approach to Yoga has gained such a fascination for the modern mind and its seeking of the bizarre, the entertaining and the enigmatic. Tantra appears to offer both spiritual and worldly success to a superlative degree. It covers not only internal yogic experiences of chakras, lokas and deities, but also has many important healing practices for body and mind. Most notably, it offers special means of heightening sexual pleasure, making money, gaining recognition and defeating one’s enemies – with Tantric methods available for achieving all human desires. There is in Tantra something for everyone, especially those who may be… Read more »

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Tantra Massage Schedule

tantra massage schedule

Our tantra massage schedule for the next few months will be changing, so I am posting some details here for those of you who like to plan in advance.   JULY   River will be leaving us at the end of July. She will no longer be working on Wednesdays, so we will be closed on Wednesdays in July. River will be offering the four hand massage with Jyoti on Thursday July 19 and Thursday July 26.   Celeste will be working on the days posted on our Schedule page   ie on July 2 and July 30. We will remain closed on the Mondays when she is away   AUGUST   Jyoti will all be taking a badly-needed holiday for the whole month of August.   Just as I had decided to take semi-retirement, I have received an unusually large amount of requests from masseuses interested in working here.  Isn’t that always the way !   We will be taking on a lovely, talented and very experienced new masseuse called Veena very soon. She will be offering the four hand massage with Jyoti on Tuesday July 31…and we will be making it a Special Offer of £140 for one hour. She… Read more »

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Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh


    Have you seen ‘Wild Wild Country’ – the Netflix 6-part documentary?   I strongly recommend that you watch it because it is fascinating entertainment.   It tells the story of the community of followers of the controversial Indian guru, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, (later called Osho – he of the 99 Rolls Royces) who I have mentioned in several articles on this website, specifically here and here and  here , because his followers were really the original creators of tantric massage.   Rajneesh began giving talks on sex and spirituality in India in the 1960’s. Many young, educated and often affluent westerners were attracted to his teachings and he became well-known in the west in the 1970’s. By 1981, his followers had  outgrown their ashram in Pune, India and had become very unpopular there. So they decided to set themselves up elsewhere and bought a stretch of approximately 64,000 acres of farmland – Big Muddy Ranch,  in rural Oregon, USA – in a tiny town of less than 60 conservative retirees,  called Antelope.   The Directors of Wild Wild Country have managed to obtain 250+ hours of footage and extensive new interviews of both ex-Rajneeshees and the  conservative Oregonians who lived… Read more »

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Tantra Goddess Energy

tantra goddess energy

  Tales of tantra goddess energy ….and sacred prostitutes or priestesses are a popular subject of books and films nowadays. I remember visiting one of the first yoga centres in Switzerland,- in the 1970’s. It was run by a lady called Elizabeth Haich, and her Indian yogi companion Yesudian. Elizabeth Haich was a Hungarian mystic who was helped to escape Hungary just after World War II by Yesudian. She wrote a well-known book called ‘Initiation’ in which she recalls with lucid clarity, her past life experiences as a priestess in ancient Egypt:   “‘The priestesses in the temple have different tasks corresponding to their different abilities………They teach young men to transmute their physical urge through the power of the spirit and to aim for a higher spiritual union….. they also teach young men who are on the point of marrying about this sacred power, so they can transmit this energy to their wives after marriage….”   Some people might find this hard to believe – but tales abound of similar techniques being taught in ancient Greece in the temples of Venus – sacred prostitutes who also offered spiritual-sexual healing…. When soldiers returned from war, ill of heart from all that… Read more »

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Tantric Massage and Integrity

tantric massage and integrity

  Tantric Massage and Integrity should go hand in hand.   We have been getting booked up quite a bit in advance lately and clients have been asking why I do not take on some more masseuses. For some time now, I have decided to use only one massage room, so we are limited re. the amount of slots available every day. Also, clients who arrive early can now wait peacefully in our waiting room. I have not taken on any additional masseuses because it seems to be becoming harder and harder to find masseuses who have experience, training and the right personality , attitude and understanding. I have advertised but have met mainly young girls with no training who expect to be paid a lot of money, only because they are attractive. They say things like ‘sensual massage is easy’, and they think that experience is unnecessary and they somehow feel entitled to earn a lot, based mainly on their looks. Of course, there will always be a demand for young, sexy, pretty girls – and different clients have varying requirements. But I have always been particular about who I take on here. Of course a tantric masseuse should… Read more »

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Xmas at Tantric Massage London

xmas at tantric massage london

  Xmas at Tantric Massage London in Kensington   The month of December has already begun, so the Xmas season is upon us .   Many of you will be going away on holiday and we may not see you again until the New Year begins.   However for those of you who will be remaining in London, we hope that you will be able to visit us in a more leisurely way than usual during this Xmas period.   We will be preparing our Xmas Chai Latte Special and hope that you will be able to sit in the waiting room for a few moments, either before or after your massage,  and enjoy a cup of chai.  Our chai latte special  is made with spices, herbal tea and honey – so there is no black tea or sugar in it – for those of you who are concerned about health.   We will also be burning candles with Xmas flavours of Orange and Spice, to add to the festive mood in a sensual way.   We will be open on Friday December 22, and then closed for Xmas Day , Boxing Day and January 1.  But we will be… Read more »

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Male Sexual Energy

sexual energy

  Why can’t men hold their sexual energy?   is the title of an interesting article which recently appeared on a psychosexual website: http://psychosexualsomatics.com/cant-men-hold-sexual-energy/ It asks the question: “So do guys really just want to have quick sex and cum?……. Here’s the age old problem; women typically want longer sex sessions, with more of a build up of erotic energy, guys tend to want to move ahead to ‘the main event’ of penetration and ejaculate pretty much as soon as possible. Why? The interesting thing about sexual energy is that although most guys spend a huge amount of time thinking about sex, planning ways to get it, fantasising about what they’ll do once they get there, when they’re actually in a sexual situation they want to get rid of that sexual energy as fast as possible by ejaculating it out of them. Interesting conundrum, right? Why spend all that time wanting something, only to discharge it as soon as you get the chance?” This issue is pretty pertinent at the moment with the newspapers full of descriptions of the  obnoxious and  abusive behaviour of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. He would do things like pressurize  young women to watch him masturbate…. Read more »

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Tantric Massage Scene in London

tantric massage scene in London

    The tantric massage scene in London has changed enormously over the past 20 years What has prompted me to write an article on this topic is that we have been looking for a new tantric masseuse to replace Lakshmi, doing the four-hand massage on Thursdays. I knew when Lakshmi first joined us that she would only be staying in London until September, so I started keeping an eye open early on. In the past, I have always had a large choice of talented and attractive masseuses who had written to me, asking if they could train and work with us. I very rarely needed to advertise. They would always enclose a cv and photo, as requested on our employment page, and the majority were interested in the subject of tantric massage, and in learning more. But the tantric massage scene in London has now changed. I have received a few email requests from very young girls with no massage experience, no cv, confidently saying that they could learn fast and expecting very high pay. When I did make appointments for some of them to come and meet me, most of them did not even bother to turn up… Read more »

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Punting Forums

punting forums

  Punting Forums   or  Sex Forums, are portrayed in Jane Champion’s new BBC drama called Top of the Lake – China Girl. Have you been watching it? I highly recommend it.   Apparently, Jane Champion did a lot of research into brothels and the sex trade and she actually managed to get into a brothel, which is not an easy thing for a woman to do.   I was struck also by her portrayal of a punting forum – a group of men sitting in a cafe, with their laptops open, discussing their experiences of various prostitutes they had been visiting  in one particular brothel.   As I mentioned in my earlier blog article on sensual massage forums, this bonding among men on punting forums, where they share information on the sensual/sexual services they have been receiving, came as a shock to me when I first found out about their existence. To my knowledge, this is the first time that punting forums have been portrayed so openly and honestly in a movie.   The Guardian describes them as follows: ‘… and the ghastly porn-surfing bros who congregate at a cafe with their laptops, harassing the waitress and cackling over… Read more »

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Tantra Holidays

tantra holidays

    Tantra Holidays are important for our masseuses What I mean by tantra holidays, is that they need to take breaks every now and then, to restore their energy. We only have one masseuse working every day, except Thursday, which is when we have our special 4 hand massage offer. Most other agencies have many more masseuses on their books, so with them, you can probably easily make last minute bookings. We have been getting booked up well in advance and many of our clients need to plan ahead of time, especially those coming to London from other cities in England and from abroad. I have been asked quite a lot recently,  why I don’t take on more tantric masseuses. But it is not easy to find the right ones. Also, I have always been very particular, and insist on selecting and  training our tantric masseuses with a great deal of care. Since some holidays are coming up, I thought I would outline them now, in advance, to make it clearer for all clients re. who will be working on which days.   Lakshmi will be away from July 14-31, so she will not be available during that period…. Read more »

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Tantric Massage and Mindfulness

tantric massage and mindfulness

  Tantric massage and mindfulness have become buzzwords Both terms are used a lot nowadays, but few people really know what either of them mean. Mindfulness is being promoted by university professors, spiritual leaders, celebrities, as well as the NHS. It is being recommended to overcome depression, stress and over-thinking. But what is it? And what is its connection with tantric massage?   Since mindfulness really comes from the Buddhist tradition, here is a quote from Thich Nhat Hahn, the inspirational Zen Master: “Living mindfully and with concentration, we see a deeper reality and are able to witness….. without fear, anger or despair.”   Jon Kabat-Zinn, a famous American Buddhist teacher of mindful meditation, puts it like this: “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally…… it is being alive and knowing it.”   And in the words of Bodhipaksa: “Mindfulness is the gentle effort to be continuously present with experience”   So different teachers explain it in different ways. For our purposes during a tantric massage, it helps us to be aware that we are not our thoughts. With the help of deep breathing, we can connect with ourself in a… Read more »

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Male and Female Sexual Energy – Differences

male and female sexual energy

The difference between male and female sexual energy has intrigued us throughout the ages. We only have to look at current book and newspaper titles to see that the subject is still on our minds:   – Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus – The Secret to Mind-Blowing Orgasms – How Men’s Brains are Wired Differently than Women’s (from Scientific American) – Nurture your Feminine Side (The Chopra Centre) The ordinary male must ejaculate often   or he will become frustrated, emotionally irritable and have little control over his mind. However it is not necessary that the build up of sexual energy should cause such symptoms. It is possible to learn to circulate the energy throughout the entire body, leading to a strengthening of the entire energy body and a rejuvenation of the physical. Through Tantric meditation, one can radiate orgasmic states throughout the entire body with or without a partner. Exchanging sexual energy with your partner and circulating and blending it throughout your bodies simply cannot be compared with ordinary orgasm With ordinary orgasm a small amount of sexual energy is built up and then released from the testicles in men and the ovaries in women,… Read more »

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Search Engine Optimisation for Tantric Massage London

search engine optimisation for tantric massage london

  Since I no longer practice massage these days, I spend a lot of my time on admin type work, which includes research on search engine optimisation for tantric massage london.   What that means is figuring out how google rewards websites by placing them at the top of search for a particular phrase or word. Naturally every website wants to be found by as many people as possible who may be interested in their services. In the field of tantric/sensual/erotic massage there is a huge amount of competition nowadays, not to mention all the escorts who have taken to labelling themselves as tantric massage agencies. Google are said to have their own algorithms to help them figure out how relevant a website may be. Since this is a secret algorithm, many SEO companies have been created specifically to make a living out of advising clients on how to create websites which will be ‘liked’ by google. Since I have time on my hands, and since I find this study quite interesting and challenging, I make a point of observing which websites in our field are doing well on search, and I try to figure out the reasons why. Our… Read more »

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Our Valentine’s Day Special Offer

Valentine's Day

  Valentine’s day is coming up soon It is one of those holidays which holds loads of hidden expectation for some, and can be a day of dread for many singles who don’t have a partner to share it with. Some people tend to dismiss Valentine’s Day as a commercial fanfare. According to some recent studies, women are not that into Valentine’s Day: their partner usually wants to have sex, whereas 43% of women have no interest in shaking up their bedroom routines, and 35% are more excited about the cuddling than the sex itself. 34% would rather spend the night watching TV than getting it on….. Valentine’s Day can evoke pressure for women to please their partners at the expense of their own desires. 23% of women said they hated having to shave or wax for their significant other, and 11% wished they could skip out on the lingerie. However, below is an article written by a female married journalist, with an opposing view: “Gents, I will let you into a little secret. When a woman says she doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day and doesn’t want to celebrate it, don’ believe her. If she practically insists on you not… Read more »

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Tantric Massage Schedule January 16-February 5

tantric massage schedule

Our tantric massage schedule will change for the 3 weeks from January 16th. I shall be taking a break during that time and  Celeste will be taking my place . She will be’The Boss’ during those three weeks. Please don’t expect the phone to be answered as rapidly as usual, or emails replied to as promptly, because Celeste will be working doing massages as well as doing all the admin work. In fact, you may get a better response by email than by phone during those three weeks. Also, Jyoti will be away from January 16-25. She will be doing a tantric training course in Germany, and we are all looking forward to hearing about it, and learning what new techniques she may discover. ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________   Mon Jan 30  : CELESTE Tue Jan 31  : CELESTE, JYOTI Wed Feb 1   :  EDEN Thur Feb 2  : JYOTI, CHANDRA Fri Feb 3 : JYOTI ______________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________

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A Happy, Peaceful and Healthy New Year

Happy peaceful and healthy New Year

  Merry Christmas and all our best wishes for a happy peaceful and healthy New Year to you all. We would like to give a big Thank You to all our clients – we love and really appreciate all the wonderful and unexpected gifts we have received from you, and we look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year. 2016 has been a particularly eventful year. Apart from devastating wars and displacement of refugees, the world has, in one year,  lost so many of our Rock and Pop icons , movie stars and tv stars. The Uk voted for Brexit, and the USA voted in Donald Trump. It feels somehow, like the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Let us see what 2017 has in store. Inspite of all the craziness and turmoil in the world outside, and the daily stress of London life, one of our main aims has always been to maintain a haven of peace, calm, and tranquility here. This has been an exceptionally busy year for us and we realise that many of our regular clients have not been able to make bookings because we have been booked… Read more »

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Xmas Holidays at Tantric Massage London Kensington

xmas holidays at tantric massage london ikensington

  Re. Xmas Holidays at Tantric Massage London Kensington We have been getting a lot of questions about our opening hours during the Xmas holidays. So to clarify, we will be staying open during that period, from Monday-Friday as usual, except naturally for Xmas day and Boxing Day. We have  also been actively seeking a replacement for Uma who has had to return home. We do hope she will come back to us in the New Year, but nothing is certain at the moment – so in the meanwhile, we have been looking for another tantric masseuse to join us. Our special offer four-hand tantric massage is still extremely popular, and clients are asking for it to be available more often. We have now taken on a new masseuse, Chandra, and will be offering a special Xmas offer with her and Jyoti. This offer will extend for four Thursdays, from December 22-January 12, and will be £140 for a one hour four hand massage. Please keep an eye on our schedule on this website, which is always updated at the end of each week. It will always be kept current, but you may need to clear your computer cache in… Read more »

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